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Those who should speak for us…


By Haruspice

Those who see themselves whole instead of piecemeal of a region should be the ones leading us in our political journey. They are the ones with sprouting roots in every tree, they are boundless in their reach and exude national outlook and never found in the limitations of provinciality. They are Nigerian first before they are regional or tribal, they are humans first before they are religious. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu fits perfectly into this desired patriot Nigeria needs.

He builds bridges across the rivers of our ethnic divides and cements the gulf cracked by our religious fault lines. He is neither Igbo nor Yoruba or Hausa but sees himself as a Nigerian with knitted affiliations to every interest in Nigeria. That is why, he chose not University of Nigeria, Nsukka but the University of Maiduguri for his early education. Many years ago, he had manifested the ‘Nigerianess’ in him. When he needed to establish his business, lagos became his fortress as his firms provided jobs for all Nigerians – that is a nationalist in reference.

His circle of friends wears the colour of nationalism, little wonder the Abia man is becoming a revered kingmaker and political fixer. At a time of our cracked national fringes, those who walk in the steps of unifiers become leaders to lean on. And Dr Uzor Kalu is providing that template with his relentless drive to ensure Nigeria remains an indivisible entity.

Amidst the growing agitations, one man is working hard to douse the tensions and ensure reasons prevails over emotions. He is harnessing army of patriots across Nigeria to chart a formidable cause for the nation. This is the phenomenon of a patriot moulded to reveal the true character, wisdom, authority and love of who a Nigerian should be. The man is searching, recruiting and empowering those who will replace the old order defined by divisive realities.

And it’s already happening, Orji Kalu has in his kitty men and women who breathe and oozes Nigeria – faithful men and women receiving in their hearts and minds the spirit of one Nigeria.

Today, Nigeria is torn between great optimists who believe in the prospect of a great new Nigeria and those who believe in one Nigeria but insist on restructuring or nothing, and between those who are adamant Nigeria has no future, and so everyone must go their respective ways, and those determined Nigeria must remain one by all means.

That we have one man bringing all these divergent voices into one room of national reasoning is a pleasant reference that must be sustained and applauded. He is leading the conversation that will address the critical question of Nigeria’s backwardness, divisiveness and pessimism as well as basis of rapid recovery and actualization!

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