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APC National Chairmanship : Senator Gearge Akume most competent


By Francis Nansak

While the ruling All progressive Congress (APC) is yet to settle for a definite date to which it will hold it national convention aim at producing a substantive national chairman and other executives,a group of persons from the North east,under the aegis of Arewa Support for Akume,has said the former Benue state governor,Senator Gearge Akume’s credentials, amongst other contenders for the post remains unbeatable.

Adding that senator George Akume,at the moment is the most competent,the group led by it Zonal Coordinator, Ambassador Alsami Maimato Tagali,on Saturday visited senator Gearge Akume at his Maitama residence in Abuja.

Ambassador Alsami Maimato Tagali posited that the credentials of Gearge Akume against other contenders seeking to be elected as the APC national chairman is unassuming.

This among other issues surrounding senator Akume’s chances Ambassador Maimato said the former governor and serving minister ,was a permanent secretary,which is the Highest position in civil service.

Ambassador Maimato further said that if Nigerians would not have forgotten,senator Akume,while he was governor of Benue state for 8 years,ran the state without any record of tension or crisis of any form,which is unlike Amadu Sheriff and core,whose tenures were ladden with crisis year in ,year out.

He pointed out that” I am from Yobe state,from the same geopolitical zone as Madu Sheriff,but i’m the zonal coordinator north east in charge of Arewa Support for Akume ,for APC national chairman.The reason we are here is that our foot soldiers who are working with us. have not met with our principal and we brought them to familiarized with him,to see him physically and he also sees them physically.

“Actually,the people have accepted him (Akume) Nationwide,since we started this campaign,you can believe with me that in both APC and PDP ,there is no single candidate that has a solid political structure like that of senator Gearge Akume.

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“And for fairness in politics,we need justice,we need equity,under this present political dispensation,we need somebody who is very sound.somebody very competent and somebody who is experienced,if you look at his credentials,senator Gearge Akume is a one time permanent secretary,being the highest position in the civil service,after which he became elected as governor of Benue state for 8 years.

“It is also on record that during his tenure ,even his enemies could testify that there was absolute peace in Benue,no violence,he is somebody who is detribalized,peace loving and at the same time somebody who is very simple” Ambassador Alsami Maimato added.

The northeast zonal coordinator for Akume,while calling on all welmeaning APC members to support the aspiration of senator Akume,said above all,the former governor is more accessible than others.

He further stated that the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the moment is in want of sanity,peace and justice.senator Gearge Akume,as a charismatic leader posseses all the qualities as a detribalized nationalist.

According to him the call by a certain group from Benue,urging senator Gearge Akume to step down for Almakura was out of context,as the APC will settle for one who has a crisis free record who has the capacity to unite the diverse tribes,religion and regions of Nigeria.

“So we are insisting that the APC shouldn’t give this opportunity to people whose track records in the passed are filled with crisis,because if the APC do,we will end up having leaders that are weak,leaders who are bad” He pointed out.

Reacting on a recent called by a group from north central,who preferred that politicians from the North central seek election to be party national chairman,rather devote their energy and resources for an election as president, Ambassador Alsami Maimato Tagali,said the call is baseless as the APC needs a leadership that has good structures to be able to produce a good presidency.

“So if you don’t have a good party leader who has structures on ground,the presidency will still suffer, therefore we need a good and sound leader like Akume,that can produce a president,if coincidentally a president is produced where the party leadership has bad structures,it will affect the presidency,it is in this premise that we are saying that senator George Akume is the most competent for the position” Ambassador Alsami concluded.

But in a swift response,when contacted,the press secretary,to senator Umaru Tanko Almakura,Mr Danjuma Joseph,said it is laughable for any one who thinks that Almakura is in a competition with anybody.

Mr Danjuma Joseph explained that among all those seeking to be favoured by the APC as it’s national chairman,his boss remains the best for the job,adding that senator Almakura is the only candidate who know the trend,owing to his role in the merger which saw to the founding of the All progressive Congress that everyone is today benefiting from.

In his words” let me first and foremost established this fact that Senator Almakura is not in competition with senator Gearge Akume,senator Ali Madu sheriff,but he is in the race to win,so anybody who is thinking that my boss is in a competition does that in his own opinion” Danjuma said.

Senator Almakura’s press secretary,however added that the ambition of Almakura who was the immediate past governor of Nasarawa State,now serving senator ,that is representing Nasarawa south senatorial zone,is all about the rescue mission.

He pointed out that the APC is shopping for one that knows the dept of it formation,and that it is like whoever is the highest bidder in a market square,which goes to say the position is not tied on anybody but the best person that can deliver,which from a very wide consultation,Almakura is such a person and he will emerged winner” so he is not I competition with anybody.

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