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Nagari,Yoghurt Producer exhibits process milk,others


By Francis Nansak

Nagari integrated farms is a leading producer of yoghurt, which has earned it a household name.It has maintained a consistent leadership in quality yoghurt production, making it pavilion during every year’s National Agricultural Show a tourist delight. But, in this year’s Agric Show, Nagari has grown bigger and better with additional and improved stocks in its fold.

Arch. Adamu A Adamu, the Overseer, NFFPL-AL Hakam Group Ltd was readily available to give insights when journalists visited the pavilion.

“As you can see for yourself we have special breed cows, Indian lemon, and Nagari Yoghurt is here, very natural and fresh. We also have different species of mangoes, very unique to this clime and the host of others.

“The Indian Lemon is not common, you can only find it in Adamawa. And before the show runs out, many more are coming” He disclosed”

Nagari farms is located at Gauta/Nike Road, Keffi in Nasarawa State.

Metro Daily Nigeria report that Nagari integrated farms,is a subsidiary of Shabu Farms, an initiative of the former governor of Nasarawa State,now senator Abdullahi Adamu,who doubles both as the Senate chairman , committee on agriculture and the Board of Trustee, National Agricultural Foundation of Nigeria.

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