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Nasarawa@25 : Account of a developing state and the people from 1996


By Francis Nansak

Nasarawa State in the then plateau state,was by political demarcation called southern plateau, that comprises Awe,Akwanga,Doma,Keana,Keffi,Karu,Kokona,lafia, Nasarawa Eggon, Nasarawa,Obi,Toto and Wamba, local government areas,under the leadership of their council chairmen and first class traditional rulers

On 1st October 1996, after huge efforts by stakeholders from the southern plateau,who sought for the independence of what is today called Nasarawa State, late general Sani Abacha considered it necessary for the creation of the state among others in the country.

Nasarawa State took up as an independent state from the then plateau state and was governed by two military administrators

Their contributions in building a newly created state back then was majorly compounded on drawing out of a master plan for administrative structures and ensuring peace and security of the state,which brought about the erections of the administrative headquarters buildings in lafia the state capital.

Four years later into the creation of the state,the civilian administration set in, precisely by 1999, where the elected first executive governor took over the state affairs on 29 May 1999, in the person of Barrister, Dr Abdullahi Adamu, who championed the creation of Local Government Councils, Development Areas to include, Karshi, panda,Ekye,Akun, Lafia East and North,Farin Ruwa,Udege,Gadabuke, among others.

Governor Abdullahi Adamu,now a ranking senator representing Nasarawa west,on the red carpet chamber of the Nigeria National assembly, apart from the created enabling environment for the grassroot dwellers to tap from the dividend of democracy,also made significant input in the development of the educational sector,through the establishment of primary, secondary and tertiary schools across the 13 local government areas , prominently among which are the Nasarawa State University,keffi, Nasarawa State polytechnic,Lafia, School of Health Technology,keffi, school of nursing and midwifery Lafia.

Senator Adamu, was highly respected and celebrated among communities across the state for prioritizing grass root development through the creations of traditional stools and chiefdoms.

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He was succeeded by Alhaji Dr, Aliyu Akwe Doma, in the year 2007. As fondly called,Baba Doma,he took over the administration of the state ,with the determination to build on the already established development by his predecessor,Dr Abdullahi Adamu.

The administration of the late Akwe Doma and his vision for the development of Nasarawa State was cut short through the ballot in 2011.However, within the four years of his administration, the late places high premium on agricultural improvement,youth and women empowerment and rural roads constructions.

Farmers and farming in the state became boosted when the administration made good stride on supplies of agricultural inputs, especially with the takeoff of the Bada Koshi scheme and the provisions of soft loans to farmers.

The administration also erected the 500 housing estate,along Doma road and embarked on urban renewal projects by installations of street solar light from welcome to lafia ,which terminated at Akunza.

Nasarawa today is ranked among the north central states as the fast developing state, courtesy of the immediate past governor ,senator Dr Umaru Tanko Almakura,who succeeded Dr Aliyu Akwe Doma in 2011.

Senator Umaru Tanko Almakura,served for 8years and was tagged the Architect of Modern Nasarawa State,this is simply because of his germane sectoral contribution which has transformed the state in no small measure.

Talk about education, senator Almakura ,being the third executive governor of Nasarawa State, introduces Free education at primary and secondary levels, rejuvenated the scholarship scheme for indigent students of Nasarawa State across tertiary institutions in the country.

Constructed and renovated all schools in the state,with state of the art edifies of one storey buildings by maximizing UBEC supports through counterpart funding.One of such unforgettable educational development by the Umaru Tanko Almakura administration was the establishment of the Special School for the physically challenged in lafia the state capital and annexes at keffi and Gudi station of Akwanga LGAs.

Senator Almakura took over the batton of leadership when Nasarawa State was in it’s 16th years from creation and by 2019 when he handed over power to his successor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, the state by physical development,social standard and by economic viabilities lacks nothing with regards to infrastructure as.Roads, Hospitals, Schools, Markets had been touched and opened to service the state.

Dr Almakura’s Eight years as governor of Nasarawa State was among others the most resourceful and impactful period of governance that has attracted both international and local investors ,who showed interest in investing on the natural deposits of the state as international mining companies, agricultural developers and those interested in housing businesses,that spur the government to initiating the construction of a Cargo Airport in partnership with a Chinese company at Lafia.

Luck has not ran out of Nasarawa State and ahead of it’s 25years anniversary, Engineer Abdullahi Sule,the incumbent governor that succeeded Senator Almakura in 2019,has demonstrated pragmatism,the political will and love for the state and it populace.

Engineer Abdullahi Sule’s administration was borne with a promise for good governance, which within it’s hundred in office dwelled so much on completion of uncompleted projects the administration inherited and has also made great stride in the stability of peace,security with a view to industrializing the state.

The administration has apart from continuing with the programmes and projects of the past governors of the state,has attracted the support of the state indigenes,who from other opposition political parties have by was of politics aligned themselves with the vision of the governor and the APC in the state.

Nasarawa State as it stand today, is eyeing to relief itself from the monthly federal allocation to be able to pay salaries and embarked on capital projects.The internally generated revenue as targeted by the NSIRB, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic,had nearly hit #2Billion.This nevertheless,did not dolfed the cap of the Engineer Abdullahi Sule’s administration goals and determination for achieving an industrial estate for Nasarawa State,as multinational investors in real estate development, agriculture investors and mining company,all the United Kingdom, United States of America and as well as other European countries have identified Nasarawa State as an investment friendly community by signing of MoUs with the state government.

Engineer Abdullahi Sule,sees the civil service as the engine room to where government policies and programmes are brewed, ensured that percentage payment of workers wages and payment of pensions to retired state and local government pensioners are treated with respect and as a gratification for their years of service to the state.

The administration in recent implemented promotions and salary increments of staff of the state government,which became activated within 2 years of taking over as governor.

Following the track records of account on the development of Nasarawa State,from 1999 till date and with the contribution from those that had govern the state Nasarawa State,it people have every reason to celebrate it independent.There is therefore need for the state citizenry to learned their support to the government, especially the administration of Engineer Abdullahi Sule which came with a promise, and is Exceeding All Expectations.

One of the think tank of the administration of Engineer Sule ,who is the Director General,strategic communications and events management, Mr Yakubu Lamia,said Nasarawa at 25years, with his principal,the governor of Nasarawa State, Engineer Abdullahi Sule,is a man of his words and will ensure that both human and infrastructure development in the state gets total commitment that will be for the best interest of the state and it’s citizens.

He added” That Nasarawa stand a chance to be view as one of the most developing state in Nigeria ,before the elapse of a prospective eight years that Engineer A.A Sule would have spent in governing the state.This is a man that has unfiltered zest for the progress of the state and is still working hard to creating internationally recognized outfits that will boost the natural endowments of Nasarawa State,by using the principle of justice,fairness and accountability toward achieving good governance” Lamia re-echo.

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