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Karu APC Rally: Ex council chair stone PDP,say no longer opposition in Karu


By Francis Nansak

The Ii mediate past chairman of karu local government area, honourable Samuel Akala Gajere has reassured the people of the area that there is no longer PDP in karu ,since honourable Jonathan Gaza,joined the APC family.

He stated that the opposition PDP in karu shouldn’t cry fowl of election rigging,but cry for lack of votes from the electorates,as APC has taken over the affairs of the area.

Honourable Samuel Akala ,made the statement during the kick off of campaigns for local government elections in the state on Tuesday.

According to him,he was a Frontline contestant for the council position,but God who gave leadership position to whoever he decided to give ,has chosen James Thomas,therefore he has decided to support the candidate to ensure that APC emerges victorious come October 6.

In his words” Your excellency, you know of a truth that karu local government represents the nerves of our dear state that is why I am not surprised that this election represents everything to our locality,which is why the kickoff of campaigns was stage to begin in karu.

“I speak here on behalf of my brothers that I was a Frontline aspirant in the election,having served for Three years and karu local government is one out of the 13 LGAs in the state that has one of the most peaceful selection of candidates in Nasarawa State.

“This I most say that the process represents the interest of all of us who contested for the office of the chairman,our interest is anchored on the peace and unity of our locality and that is why when we were beckon to come,to say look! The interest of karu local government supercedes the interest of every individual who want to occupy the office of the chairman.

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“And that is why all of us unanimously agreed to adopt the candidature of my dear elder brother , honourable James Thomas.

He continued and said” Today, your excellency,I speak with the totality of my heart,to say that we are in this race,since the august decision was taken,I remain in this race and I will work to deliver James Thomas on the 6 of October by the grace of God.

“I have taken inventory to ensure that this victory is secured.

“Today, I hear people talked about the PDP in karu,it will interest you to know that the then leader of the PDP,who was honourable Jonathan Gaza,which you also know that we had so much collusion with him politically ,has deemed it necessary to joined the APC family,karu local government is one big APC family.

He further said” This therefore means that nobody should cry fowl for election rigging on 6 October,because they will only cry for nobody to vote for them” Akala reiterated.

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