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How ND cert holder makes a fortune from kolanut


By Francis Nansak

Life is a about discovering one self,what many may consider a trade by the no do well in the society,is what a National Diploma certificate holder cruise the city of keffi LGA of nasarawa state with.

Through the sales of kolanut,Alhaji Rabiu Tanko, was turban with the traditional tittle of sarkin Goro ( king of kola)

He said though he inherited the business from his father,through which he was schooled from primary to the tertiary level of education,IG is not enough for him to abandoned the business as he has successfully made a fortune out of it like any other individual that has the privilege of securing the white collar job.

” in fact through Allah’s provisions I can say I am comfortable,as far as meeting day to day needs is concern.

” I am opportuned to attained school and today I have a ND certificate,but kola but business pays much more than sitting and waiting for a job from government or a private company.

“Today governor Sule ,our governor in nasarawa state talk so much about industrialization,I have an industry here too,I have engaged a number of youths who instead of roaming the street doing nothing are sales men ,where at the end of the day get their commission from here” He explained.

Alhaji Rabiu, on stressing the importance of kola but,said, it is only but a stimulant,though it is not grown in the part of the north but has became the kings delicacy,it is served in meetings,weddings and kola is one gift that northern emirs adorn so much whenever they had visitors.

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He said in keffi there are about 100 kolanut dealers but through his western knowledge he was able to organized the shop he currently used as his operational headquarter.

The sarkin goro ,however appeal to the nasarawa state government to consider boosting their business by any other supportive means available for the purpose of boosting revenue that could translate into youth empowerment.

” We will not refuse any support from government,especially that our business is majorly operated by the poor Nigerians,we really need some loans intervention that will help us do better as citizens” He added.

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