By Abdullahi O Haruna (Haruspice)

Governor Yahaya Bello has continued to remain a reoccurring template of mystery, he breaks barriers to reach out to those in critical needs, and he collapses protocol to put smiles on indigent faces. We saw how he changed the life of woman-hawking groundnut on the street of Abuja by generously empowering her. A few days ago, a journalist was involved in a ghastly road accident that left him critically lying in the hospital, the hospital demanded a deposit of 6million naira before treatment could begin, benevolent Bello got wind of this, pronto, he had sent a whopping donation of N8 million! That is Bello for you, always there for all. These he does without ethnic, religious or political considerations. To him, humanity is defined by the same colour of love, and as long as he lives, he must live by God’s instruction.

A symbol of doggedness, who lives his life on the fibre of optimism, never relenting in set aspirations. Story had it that he struggled through school, bearing his burden all alone – little wonder his unstoppable voyage in the pursuit of happiness. He brought this trait to real life when he dared the odds to contest for the seat of Governor of Kogi state. While they looked at him in sneers, he dazed them to stupor when providence smiled at him and was named the youngest Governor of Kogi state and by extension Nigeria.

A bridge-builder of enviable feat, he navigates through the peculiarities of time, breaking the banner of prejudices. To him, human first before other primordial considerations. He has the credentials of having the highest number of non-tribes in his cabinet. He left his personal security in the hands of a female Tiv police officer, driven by an Igala driver, advised by an Igbo political strategist, his media relations handled by a Borno man. In the circle of Governor Yahaya Bello exists the assemblage of all Nigerians. A unifying dot you would say!

Obviously a product of kinetic providence, he enjoys the canopy of divine privilege. What seems herculean for others, he gets it seamlessly such that one begins to question the mystery called Yahaya Bello. We saw how became a reference in the political equation of Nigeria, playing roles hitherto reserved for eminent elder statesmen. He brokered the impasse between northern traders and southern states who placed food blockade following the skirmishes that greeted the nation at that time. During the infamous endsars quagmire, only he rose to leadership by speaking to the belligerent demonstrators. His measured shuttle diplomacy for party and the country has placed him on the ladder of a true patriot who is boundless in national cohesion. Indeed, he is a project in waiting.

One essential element in the creation of Yahaya Bello’s beautiful legacy is his infectious humility. He oozes the affectionate fragrance of humility, besides his tough macho mien is a man at home with everyone. A visit to his office or home during launch or dinner affords you the chance to see him buried amongst aides, friends and associates dining on same table. He wears no air around him; he collapsed the bar of class and demystifies the vainglory called power, fame and wealth. He is a classic example of ‘Life is nothing without people around you.

Gifted with street sense and the kinetic energy of a ramrod, Bello exudes raw intelligence, always in good spirits and navigating from one subject to the other, same way he meets shades of people almost every day. Where he derives such energy from is a study in wonder. He literarily lives around the clock that night and day mean almost the same to him – a workaholic of sort.

Men open the pages of tomorrow, not by closing the chapters of yesterdays but by reading the lines of today. Life is a book of three titles, yesterday, today and tomorrow. To everything that exists on earth, there is a connection to time, place and event. Men cannot begin to understand what will be until they have invested their minds in what was, and put their thoughts to what is. The life of Yahaya Bello may not be a mystery but the realities of his trajectory constitute a bridge between human efforts and celestial anointing. For Yahaya Adoza Bello, 46 years on mother earth is a life of fulfilment, breakthrough and history. Happy Birthday to the White Lion in the Confluence River.

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