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We’re incharge of LGs funds in Nasarawa – Akala


By Francis Nansak

Honourable Samuel Akala Gajere,the council chairman of Karu local government area of Nasarawa state has faulted some state governors that relegated the third tier of the government as only an appendage of the state government.

As according to him the recent judgment by the supreme court in favour of councils at Katsina and Oyo state was a welcome development that will go a long way to send the right messages to the various state governors in nigeria.

The council chairman who was a guest on AIT Programme ” Democracy Day” Saturday and monitored by our correspondent, stated that very few governor’s abide by the supreme court judgment, saying it was a victory to democracy and as well as victory to the third tier of government.

” For me ,this is really, really victory for democracy and for the third tier of government,but it is really worrisome,where the third tier becomes relegated to be an appendage of the state.

“This is why it is being manipulated by probably those who had the privilege to spear head the affairs of various states.

” The judgement by the supreme court on those two states, One,is to send the right messages to various states governors,Two,it also gives hope to local government councils,because this not the first time judgment of this nature are delivered in this country,it was done in Ekiti,Imo and a couple of states by uptill date governors can still go ahead to dissolved elected local government councils.

“For me,why do we continue to have the kind of challenges we are having? That the governors have the latitude to dissolved local government councils,it is just like in Nigeria today,there is a president and elections was conducted which filled in elected state governors,under different platforms but the president woke up one day with a notion,simply because state A,B,C and D are not of his political platform and therefore decided to dissolved them,it can never happen.

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” Which means there are problems on our laws,creating the Local Government abynesur,do why did the laws gives such rooms,because the LGs are supposed to be a federating unit,but it is not as we speak in the eyes of the law,simply because it gives a lot of provisions and privileges to the state government to thinker with the operations of LGs as it is,that is why you hear People clamouring for autonomy”Akala bursted out.

Honourable Samuel Akala ,however stated that in Nasarawa state the case is different by exonerated his governor and the state government,saying that the Nasarawa state governor has never interfered with that provision,since the issuance of the guidelines on joint account by NFIU,as the councils chairmen are fully in charged of the local government finances.

But according to him,once there is a faulty recruitment process,as it disallowed the free flow of the autonomy of the local government as in the judgment passed by the supreme court.

He said” So tell me ,with these faulty leadership recruitment process to the service of the local government, you will not expect that the same process that would produce certain officials to speak for the truth.

If the autonomy for instance is granted to be the only thing that would address the leadership and the challenges anchored on the fact that there is a faulty leadership recruitment process at the third tier of the government.

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