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POHAN urges Nigerians to be security conscious to help stem the tide


The National President of the Public Office Holders Association of Nigeria (POHAN) Dr. Moses Bashorun Esiyin has urged Nigerians to take security issues as everybody’s problem, by being security conscious.

Speaking at the, POHAN/PAU Leadership Summit 2021, held at the Nigeria Air  Force (NAF) Conference Centre Abuja he said.

“There is no better time than now for    stakeholders and leaders to come together to share ideas and align their thoughts as the burden of our nation shoulders squarely on us all and we have got to do our beat  to  contribute to its  growth.”

He said South American University, Pan American College and the Institute of Science Management and Technology (JPTS) are partnering on leadership with POHAN to inculcate leadership in the students.

“POHAN stands for efficient and effective public service in Nigeria and the only way we can inculcate leadership order in Nigeria to ensure that the younger ones in school learn from leaders speaking so that they can put to use what they came here to learn.

“To prove that what we are doing is not a facade, the students you are seeing are online from these universities. So that those who are conferred with honorary Doctorate degrees in leadership and governance can know that this is not just a thought but a reality
“That is why you see about 500 students graduating today and about 400 matriculating.”

On the current failing state of Nigeria he said “I will not agree that there is failure in leadership, it depends on the aspect you are looking at because leadership is relative.

He said there are so many aspects that make up what is defined as leadership which doesn’t mean the head is the problem.

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“We need to talk to ourselves as Nigerians to ensure that security is everybody’s business not just office holders, though they are to chat a way forward I am sure they have done that.

“Everybody must begin to be security conscious the way the world is going, if you are not, then you are not helping the Government and police to be able to overcome.”

“If you do your own part and the Government does its own part, gradually effectively we will overcome insecurity.
“The advice is for the youths to come on board and be part of the Government, to ensure that you are information carriers that security agencies can use these valuable pieces of information to tackle insecurity”

“The  umbrella  body  for  Public Office Holders  Association of Nigeria  (former and serving) POHAN which I am honoured to stand before you today as the National President of the Body is an Association birthed out of the passion and  concern to promote effectiveness and efficiency in public service.”

Explaining further he said it is also to uphold the global standard and conduct of public service  rule, to defend the rights of Public Office Holders and foster good leadership and good governance.

“In the same spirit, as  part of our unrelenting  initiatives to improve the leadership quality of  Public Office Holders  in  the country, it became  eminent and pertinent  to call on leaders,  experts and technocrats  with vast experiences and high intellectual  capacities to brainstorm, interact and chart a way forward for our dear nation.

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