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CITAD Launches App ‘Cigiya App’ to Help Locate Lost Items


By Yakubu Salisu, Kano

Centre for Information Technology CITAD has launched a new mobile application Cigiya App, a lost and found application that will facilitate the searching of lost items by people and help transport associations, media houses and other relevant organization to generate a data base of lost items, the first of it’s kind.

Unavailing the maiden App, the technical officer, CITAD, engineer Kamaluddeen Umar stated that the app will enable individuals to search for possible found items and the location they were submitted.

According to him the Kano based Non-governmental Organization came up with the idea after conducting a research which indicates that most of the transport Associations having parks have a number of unclaimed lost items as a result of uncertainty of where the items are submitted when found.

He said it was also observed that announcements made in the media houses does not reach some people who lost their items as the announcement may happen when when they are not on the tune and it is normally within short days hence, the need to come up with a permanent database of lost items online where people can search it anytime by type, date range, car park or station to be generated by representative of agreed parks, media houses or unions.

Furthermore more, in a bid to make it more successful, the Centre has already consulted some transport unions in Kano such as TOAKAN, Tsaya da kafan ka Taxi Association and also plans to collaborate with media houses, security outfits and other relevant stakeholders.

Sequence to a demonstration, the app contains unique features such as ID, date item was lost location where it was submitted, picture as well as contact number of park for further information.

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