Home Opinion Did we learn any lesson from the aftermath of Capitol protest?

Did we learn any lesson from the aftermath of Capitol protest?


Did we, as a people of conscience, understand that no freedom is absolute everywhere in the world?

The same twitter owner that encouraged you to burnt down your country was the one that suspended the twitter account of American number one citizen ( President Donald Trump) and others that spewed comments capable of disrupting the peace of USA.

The same CNN that selfishly sponsored and doctored a false documentary regarding the unfounded Lekki Massacre was utterly silence on the death of four persons that lost their lives during the Capitol protest.

The same Amnesty International that released a pseudo powerful statements after the #EndSARS protest, indicting the federal government of Nigeria and the military of killing the so-called peaceful protesters is also silence on the killing of four protesters at the Capitol.

The owners of Facebook, Twitter, Google and all other social platforms stood by their country, bearing in mind that they have no other country other than the USA.

It is now left to us to use our brains wisely! Lest we put down our country by ourselves and become refugees in another man’s country.

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