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ASUU strike : Seperating fact from fiction


When in 1992, FG said they cant revitalized the university system, ASUU gave the ETF proposal now TETfund. It wasn’t approved until strike

In 2008, we provided pictorial documentation on state of decay in universities, FG did the NEEDS assessment program. It wasnt approved until after strike.

There is nothing in the University today that is not through strike. The salaries structure of 2009 is what we are still getting today. It doesn’t become operational until after strike.

To supervise a PhD or Masters, the 2k/5k allowance approved in 1992 is what we still get and not even paid regularly again.

The students who are in NANS how many times have they demanded for improved facilities like projectors, e-books? The exco of NANS drive around Avenza and Mercedes C class as students!

ASUU is the only union remaining and when it is conquered, that’s the end of public universities in Nigeria. The politicians and moneybags have all withdrawn their wards from public universities. They are now less bordered with what’s going on in public universities.

ASUU in most cases is forced to go on strike as the last option to get government to be serious with negotiations and agreements.

I wish the youths and right thinking citizens of Nigeria well, they should not take their enemies or oppressors as friends and their friends as enemies, because at the end of the day once the government finished with ASUU, they will bear the brunt most.

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Prof. Abdulrazaq Kilani

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