Home Crime Technician allegedly Commits Suicide Over Weak errection in Delta

Technician allegedly Commits Suicide Over Weak errection in Delta


Nosa Akenzua, Asaba

A 40- year old electrician identified as Victor Edem who lives in Okpanam Community,near Asaba Delta state has allegedly Committed Suicide over his weak errection problem.

It was gathered that the Victor had before the alleged Suicide mission been embattled with weak errection,a challenge he allegedly threatened cannot continue to rob him off his interest in a relationship with a woman if his efforts to get a solution fails.

He was said to have been found dead inside his room on Monday night with his body dangling from the ceiling fan in Okpanam Community where he had been living with his wife and Son before they separated last year following his weak errection problem among others.

Family Sources said that Victor, a native of Cross River State, Calabar had confided in a friend his major Challenge and all his efforts to solve the problem that failed, threatening that he might not live again since there was no solution on sight for him.

But the Police Commissioner in the state, Hafiz Muhammed Inuwah who Confirmed the incident to Journalists in Asaba said that it was clear why the victim decided to take his life as he didn’t leave any Suicide note except two telephone numbers he wrote on a piece of paper he left behind inside his room where the body was dangling from the ceiling, adding that the Police evacuated the body immediately

Residents of the quarters Victor lives before he allegedly Committed Suicide, but spoke to Journalists on condition of anonymity described as pathetic and inhuman tortured Victor went through in the hands of his wife when eventually he trapped in the Challenge of weak errection before she packed out with the son to an unknown destination.

Unconfirmed Sources said that his love advances to women on the plan to marry proved abortive when it became clear that his genital organ was demobilized and as such cannot perform his Civic Conjugal duty, a situation he claimed had taken so much from his pocket without solution and threatened to return to his mother’s earth via Suicide mission.

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Elders of the quarters Victor had lived, who spoke to Journalists, one of them, Ogbueshi Chika Osakwe said that Victor Committed an abormination by taking his life over his alleged weak errection, adding that he may be faced with hell fire wherever he is, including the curse of Okpanam Community land that is upon him as it remained a taboo for anyone to Commit suicide in Okpanam Community land in whatever reasons.

Investigation revealed that in the last few months, no fewer than six Persons have allegedly Committed Suicide in Okpanam, Asaba and Ibusa over being disillusioned in Joblessness, while those in the know said that those who commit Suicide are often found in health and financial Challenges.

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