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COVID-19: Expert hints on garlic, Vitamin C as immune boosters against for Coronavirus

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A medical doctor with Federal Medical Center, FMC, in Makurdi, Benue State, Ifegbike Kalu, on Monday said the intake of Garlic and Vitamin C could help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Speaking with newsmen, Dr Kalu said the intake of garlic and Vitamin C could help boost the immunity of people against flu and Coronavirus.

He was reacting to videos and rumours making the rounds that intake of garlic and lemon drink would help in preventing the disease.

In a viral video an alleged medical expert who didn’t identify himself had stated that taking garlic, lemon and hot water early in the morning could help people from contacting Coronavirus.

However, Kalu said such measures were preventive and not curative for the virus.

According to Kalu: “We are not looking at treatment but looking at how to prevent the virus from gaining foot hole in somebody’s system and this is the same reason why people are talking of Vitamin C.

“These are just drugs that helps prevent infections like the flu and it helps to boost immunity and at cellular level it helps but not that it would stop it.

“It helps the patient not to come down with the virus when you compare his immunity with others that don’t.

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“Its advisable to take garlic, what Vitamin C will do garlic will also do.”

However, the toll of Coronavirus in Nigeria has risen to 35 case with the country recording its first death.

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