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Okauru harps on people, capabilities as strategy for achieving organizational goal


From John Silas and Cyriacus Nnaji, Lagos

Ifueko Omoigui Okauru, Founder of Restral Limited, Owners of the Franklin Convey Franchise across Anglophone West Africa, has disclosed that the building of people and their capabilities are sure ways to achieving organizational goals.


Ifueko made the disclosure during a Breakfast Meeting which has the theme ‘Executing on Your Strategy’ which took place at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island on Tuesday. She said that people are central to any organisation.

The meeting attracted mainly Bank officials and relevant stakeholders,

According to Ifueko, “So people are central to any orgainsation. We define the people in terms of people having the capabilities, to run the organisation and if they don’t have the capability help them build these capabilities

She also spoke on high performance culture “So to build high performance culture, you have to build people’s capabilities, it starts with you, start with those around you, and then put in place a process, and the discipline that we talked about,” she said.

Ifueko further stated that one needs to understand that there are several ladders in building and sustaining a high performance culture “One needs to understand that there are several ladders in building and sustaining a high performance culture, first of all you can’t do without your people. It sounds very simple, let’s look at the larger organization called Nigeria, Nigeria is an organisation, anyone who feels he can lead Nigeria in whatever form, whether at local government level, state or federal level, without recognizing that it is the people you are serving, that there are people you need to help and support and engage, let them help you build, you know you are not going to go too far.”

At the event which also featured Nkemdilim Mojume, a consultant with Franklin Covey who delivered a paper on ‘Executing on Your Strategy: The Franklin Approach’, Okauru also talked about the four disciplines of execution. “The four disciplines are not about the day -to-day activities which we called the whirlwind, you know you have to wake up, go through traffic, you have to do these things, those are the whirlwind that you have to do anyway but where you are going, beyond the overall thing, as an organization one of the discipline as an individual is the wildly important goal, so over and above, chose one important goal, because the simpler the process of execution the better. Have a compelling scoreboard, cascade this down the entire organization and have a sense of accountability where you are now reviewing what you are doing on regular basis. And that process combine with people you get high performance culture.

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Earlier Okauru gave reason for the Breakfast Meeting saying “The reason for the event is to educate those who are attending on how to execute their strategies. “A lot of organizations in trying to achieve their goals and their targets go through strategy sessions, planning sessions. A lot of times you don’t achieve what you set out to do, and so we are here to share the tools that we have, the processes we have to help you execute your strategies so that you can achieve your desired result.

“The second reason we are here is again to engage all of us on the reality that people are extremely important to business. A lot of the solutions, if not all solutions, have to do with building a winning culture, have to do with even as you design your strategy, people need to be part of that process, and they need to be engaged, they need to contribute and believe in the organization.

“In our environment today, some of the barriers to that engagement include the lack of trust and trust comes from different so many things. You have the gender, you don’t trust the woman, you don’t trust the man, there could be ethnic trust, you don’t trust this person because of where he comes from, there could be religious trust because this person is a Moslem or th

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