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Blackmailing The DSP Never Worked and Will Never Work


By Prince Henry Efe Duku

We are aware of another round of fruitless efforts by very wicked blackmailers to sponsor CRIMINAL LIBEL and malicious lies to defame, smear, embarrass and demean the solid reputation of the Deputy President of the Senate and Obarisi of Urhoboland, HE Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.This time they are sponsoring some conscienceless and cash-for-activism miscreants whose modus operandus is to fleece desperate politicians.

Firstly, let it be said as clear and loud as it can be: This DSP will never ever negotiate with blackmailers, be they petty home enemies in cohort with cash-for-activism groups or howsoever they come. Therefore, one can say with absolute confidence: ‘BRING IT ON. YOU WILL FAIL. WE WILL DEFEAT YOU.’

In their latest but rehashed campaign of calumny against the DSP, the blackmailers want the world to believe that he (Omo-Agege) bears a suppressed criminal conviction from California, USA that legally disqualifies him from holding an elective office, particularly as DSP.

We note that in the immediate past, similar characters launched a misconceived LEGAL ACTION to stop Omo-Agege from returning to the Senate on the premise of this same blackmail, but they failed woefully in COURT. They could not lead a scintilla of evidence to substantiate this foolish allegation and worn-out lie.

We have said it before and say now again that yes, leaders should be held to the highest standard of accountability. The people do not knowingly entrust persons of tainted character with public leadership. Though human, leaders mirror the image of the divine and ought to be as ‘clean’ as possible. Hence, we wholeheartedly welcome any healthy scrutiny of whoever leads or seeks to lead, including DSP Omo-Agege.

To this extent, as in the past, one will speak to the non-existent criminal conviction knowing that the matter has been litigated upon in court and the sad lot of the blackmailers is well known. We are still ready to meet them in court and serve them the same sadness, as this is just a storm in a teacup.

The fact is, at a point in his brilliant and bright legal career in California, USA, Senator Omo-Agege (then a young attorney) was alleged to have broken the law in California. But in the end, he was found not guilty. Accordingly, he was declared innocent by the Honourables Lance A. Ito (who presided over the popular O.J. Simpson murder trial case) and G. Magnera of the Court of California, County of Los Angeles.

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One notes that Omo-Agege had to fight hard for his innocence and God vindicated him against the expectations of evil men like his sadistic blackmailers. Today, he remains an “active” member in “good standing” of the State of California Bar Association – what would be impossible if a valid and subsisting conviction were hanging on him. These are verifiable public facts and truths.

One is not altogether surprised about the new petty mission to defame and smear the DSP and dim his star at all costs. But the truth is that they failed miserably in the past and this time will not be different. Omo-Agege is not an easy nut to crack, certainly not by wicked blackmailers and paid jobbers.

Finally, one hopes that all who are involved in this scheme know the full implications of CRIMINAL LIBEL in our laws. Lest it be said that the ‘rule of law is in danger’ if and when this dimension of the law is duly activated against them.

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