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US – Iran dispute: Overcoming the looming consequences of the 3rd World War


By Uche Okoro

It is no news of the U S airstrike in Bagdad that targeted and killed the Iranian army general Qasem Solemani. Amidst reactions by the Middle East states and the entire globe at large, there are breaths of war from the said attack between Iran and the united state. The report of solemani’s death has posed more war threat to the zone.

The United States President, Donald Trump has claimed responsibility for the said attack, emphasizing the assassination was necessary to prevent an imminent threat. Iran leaders and allies in their response said the killing represents an act of war. After the 3rd January attack, there was a ballistic missile attack at two Iraq military base housing the U S troops, on Tuesday the 7th of January. In another development, an Ukraine aircraft Boeing 737 carrying 176 passengers crashed in Iran claiming the lives of everyone on board. Also, there was an earthquake near a nuclear power plant in southwestern Iran on the 8th of January 2020. There is no evidence that these incidents are linked, but their simultaneous occurrences have doubled tension between Iran and the U S war tussle.

Before delving into war, it is pertinent not to overlook the indelible mark the first and Second World War left in the entire global community. History have it that the at least seven million lives were lost during the First World War. Worthy of note that the world population during the WW1 was estimated at 1.7trillion. The Second World War in it’s history has the deadliest military conflict. An estimated population of the world was 2 billion whereas 70-80 million people perished, which was about 3% of the world population in 1940.

The world population have increased by over 250% after the WW2, it is imperative to note that the anticipated WW3 will do much more harm to the global community than the two former crises. The technological evolution of the 21st century is a doom that may befall the world if there be anything like the WW3. The retrospective view of these aforementioned crises is incumbent on Iran and the united States to make appropriate consultations and consideration before the whistle blows. Countries have also lend their voices asking the both countries to embrace peace to avoid escalation.

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