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Adams Oshiomole, A Low Budget Judas Iscariot

Adams Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole

By Ugonna Utulor

Adams Oshiomole entered the Nigerian public scene as a Messiah. He was waving placards, raining curses, leading strikes and threatening fire and brimstone. Oshiomole was a nightmare to Obasanjo and gave Atiku, Lucky Igbenedion and many others sleepless nights.


As the leader of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Adams seemed to have that which many politicians lacked: integrity, competence and genuine love for the masses. And so quite very soon he was drafted into politics.

Give a man power, however, and his true colours will be revealed. As Governor of Edo State, Oshio looted the state treasury so much so that witches and wizards accused him of looting by witchcraft. With public funds he lived large. With public funds he imported a trophy wife. Later he imposed a puppet governor. And with him he continued the reign of terror, of bad governance, embezzlement and corruption.

Adams Oshiomole had learnt at the feet of the Jagaban of Borgu and they had quickly formed an evil alliance. Together they plotted the removal of Chief John Oyegun-Odigie as the APC national chairman. There was no election. But in a quickly organized selection process Oshi-Omole became the new chairman of the APC.

A green snake in a green grass has found a fertile ground to catch his preys. By design, the APC was a fertile ground for Oshiomole (whose name partly means thief in Igbo and son of a thief in Yoruba. Onye Oshi – Omo Ole). Corruption and evil practices was in the manifesto of that party and Adams was a natural fit.

Across the nation, the APC perpetuated the worst form of primary election rigging known to man in 2018. Those who won the party’s primaries later found out their names had been substituted with the highest bidder’s. It happened in my state. It happened to many I know.

The courts were over flooded with litigations between APC members. It was an ungodly debacle.

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From Zamfara to Abia, Rivers to Bornu, courts found inconsistencies and illegalities with the conduct of APC primaries nationwide.

In the general election, Oshiomole endorsed and openly canvassed for vote rigging.

Today, people are carrying placards in Abuja calling for his head, demanding he resigns. The hunter has become the hunted. The chickens have come home to roost.

In truth, Oshiomole was and will never be a Messiah, he is a low budget Judas Iscariot.

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