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Lack or Quality Education and the Ignorance of Nigerian Youths

Malam Adamu Adamu
Malam Adamu Adamu

Some younger people still don’t understand why we keep saying death to Nigeria. They feel that Nigeria is our country and should be respected. They say that Nigeria is blessed by God. Yet they don’t check the translation of this blessing to their own life.

I blame the government that removed history from schools and hid the terrible things happening in Nigeria from them. They have no inkling that what is happening around them is directly caused by their government. They don’t even know what ordinary good governance implies. They don’t know that it is the work of the government to provide good roads, water and shelter.

From their early childhood to adult lives, they see their parents provide everything for themselves. On top bad roads they witness louts employed by state government beat the hell out of their parents extorting money from them. They can even believe that it is their numerous sins against God that is causing bad roads in their States. They grow to think that it is normal to give Nigeria police money on the road. And they will always shout on the driver to give them money.

They don’t care about the squandering going on and neither do they know what discovery of oil has done to countries like Qatar and Dubai. Most of them are forced out of school and can’t secure admission. They were taught by teachers who believe they can get from God what the government should give to them. Young people who have never asked questions like, why can’t we have a standard hospital. Why do our politicians go abroad for medical treatment? Why do I need jamb before I can secure admission.

Their notion of patriotism wrong and their view to life faulty. They are not worried that even ordinary election Nigeria can’t get right.

But yet a Teacher taught them that whatever happens, a citizen MUST be patriotic to his or her country. Nonsense!

Unthinking youths are time bomb. Educate them properly or the government will weaponize their ignorance.

Elochukwu Ohagi
Writing For Family Writers Press International.

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