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Senate President, Lawan battles ‘noise making’ in chambers


Senate President, Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan has condemned noise making by his colleague Senators during Tuesday’s plenary, saying lawmakers should desist from such.

Lawan, in support of a point of order raised by Sen George Sekibo (Rivers East) upheld that the chamber was noisy and uncomfortable for lawmaking.

“The chamber is noisy,” Lawan said while urging the senators to maintain decorum at the ongoing plenary.

Newsmen observes that some Senators were speaking to each other in hushed tones.

Senate Chamber is viewed as the most organised for maximum time and comfort for lawmaking on behalf of the citizens.

It was gathered that the Senate is the ‘saucer that cools the tea,’ but the noisy atmosphere at the chamber today proved otherwise.

“The chamber is too noisy,” George Sekibo (Rivers East) said while raising a point of order.

The Senate President, having stopped the noisemaking, Senators proceeded with other legislative businesses.

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