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Spirit of partnership embraced by all BRICS member countries


A joint exhibition displaying the art of the BRICS countries opened at Brazil’s Oscar Niemeyer Museum on September 21, 2019. The themed exhibition was an important part of the Curitiba Biennial, one of the most influential art exhibitions in Latin America.

Tereza de Arruda, curator of the exhibition, said the exhibition was a tribute to the BRICS countries, adding that they have strengthened cultural exchanges and cooperation while advancing the BRICS cooperation mechanism.

“Enhancing the exchanges among our peoples and seeing the spirit of partnership embraced by all is a worthy cause that deserves our enduring commitment. A job well done in this regard will keep BRICS cooperation vibrant,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Plenary Session of the BRICS Xiamen Summit in 2017, underscoring the significance of pushing forward BRICS people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

With joint efforts, the BRICS countries have witnessed prosperous people-to-people exchanges and cultural cooperation over the past years.

Since 2006, China and Russia have celebrated the Russian New Year and Chinese New Year, China-Russia Language year, China-Russia Tourism year, China-Russia Media Exchange year, and China-Russia Sub-national Exchange year, making people-to-people and cultural exchanges one of the five key areas of their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era.

Brazil is now home to 15 Confucius Institutes and Classes, ranking the first in Latin America. China and India have established 14 pairs of friendship provinces and cities and millions of mutual visits are made each year between the two countries.
Twenty-three Chinese universities and five universities in South Africa have carried out joint research under the framework of BRICS Network University, and the two countries have designated Sept. 17 as South African Chinese Language Day to be observed annually. In addition, film festivals and athletic competitions among BRICS countries are also flourishing.

“I am very delighted to see that more and more cultural cooperation and people-to-people exchanges are carried out among BRICS countries. Through the BRICS cooperation platform, we share our cultures, experiences and wisdom, so that our people can understand each other and get closer,” said Fausto Pinato, chairman of the Parliamentary Front of the Brazil-China National Congress and the BRICS Parliamentary Front.

He believes that cultural exchanges will push BRICS countries to move toward openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results, and boost cooperation in other areas.

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