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Young actors more interested in fame not talent –Francis Duru


Popular actor, Francis Duru, has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of Nollywood. He came into prominence after featuring in the 1994 movie, ‘Rattle Snake’, produced by the late Amaka Igwe, even though he hasn’t been featuring on the silver screen like he used to.

But, in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Duru expressed his dissatisfaction with some happenings in the industry. According to him, many young actors are more interested in fame than developing and sustaining their talents.

He said, “Young actors (these days) focus on fame and not the process that would make them excel in their craft. And because they don’t go through that process, sustainability becomes a problem. There is nothing as good as learning the process, which would likely be accompanied by becoming popular and then sustaining the talent.” The award-winning actor also bemoaned the failure of government to invest in the creative industry.

He added, “Each time the media talks about the economy, how many times do they mention the creative industry? But does the creative industry contribute immensely to the economy of the country? Yes it does! It is a story of neglect and a big disservice to the industry.

“The industry that started on its own without any major support has brought so much prestige to the nation. These days, people want to identify with Nigerian movies all over the world. The government really needs to sit up and put the right infrastructure in place. Individually, we have invested so much in the industry and we have got to a place where we appreciate ourselves. But things can get better.”

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