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Many Africans are confused about sex –Lorraine Lionheart


Curvy Botswana singer, Lorraine Lionheart, who has performed at different parts of the country, has shared her opinion on how Africans perceive sex.

Commenting on the notion some people have that Africans are hypocritical when it comes to sex, she told journalists in an interview, “I wouldn’t say (Africans are) hypocritical (about sex). Sex education in Africa is usually limited to biology classes in secondary school and most of us just dive in to the unknown as we grow. As a result of that, the way we express our knowledge and understanding of sex is to a point forgivable. Our views about it are so confused and conflicted and it’s because of our struggles to find the balance between cultural or traditional ways and the modern (western) ways. Religion doesn’t help us much when it comes to sex education. It even adds more drama to our perspective.”

The mother of one also noted that quite a couple of Nigerian entertainers inspire her. She added, “There are so many Nigerian artistes who inspire me but I must say that I especially enjoy Davido’s music. His songs just always work for me. It doesn’t really matter if I will ever make music with him, I just love his songs. If I could choose someone to work with in Nigeria, it would undoubtedly be Don Jazzy. I have been wishing to work with him for a long time. But right now, I am more into the academic side of music. I’m in the process of getting a PhD in Music. I am also an aspiring sound engineer and I believe he is well equipped with the right kind of experience.”

Speaking further, Lorraine, who recently released the video for her song ‘Zion’, shared some of her experience while shooting the video.

“I had a wardrobe malfunction while filming the music video in Lagos. The funny thing is that I only noticed it while editing the video. It was then I saw that I had actually ripped my stocking while filming. But my bum looked so good in the shot, so I decided to use the footage anyway,” she said.

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