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Group Urges Kogites To Vote For Credible Leader

Comrade Omonu Yakubu Nelson
Comrade Omonu Yakubu Nelson

As campaigns and other preparations for the November 16, 2019, gubernatorial election in Kogi State reaches the home-stretch, an advocacy group; Centre for Leadership Legacy International (Centre LII) has urged Kogi electorates to vote for their future and the future of their children by supporting and electing a competent and leader of impeccable character.

This call was contained in a press statement made available to journalists by the Executive Director of the Centre, Comrade Omonu Yakubu Nelson. It described political leadership as the capacity to cause a social change that will impact positively on the wellbeing of the people.

Comrade Nelson explained that, instead of Kogi State to come cap in hand for bailout, handout or loan, the state should be among lesser indebted or dependent states in Nigeria, because of the abundance of human and mineral resources, which, if properly harnessed can translate to better life for the people of the state.

“Kogi State is endowed by nature to be among less dependent and indebted states in Nigeria, given the abundance human and mineral resources that dots mountains and valleys in the state.

“One critical area that the people need to take their destiny in their own hands is the area of leadership. Having abundance of human and mineral resources is not enough to guarantee prosperity. Without competent and focused leadership, natural endowments are as good as ‘beautiful nonsense’, the statement added.

It further urged the people to embark on self-political education, sensitisation and mobilisation, to ensure people troop out on November 16, to exercise their franchise and by so doing, define their future.

“Kogi people must own this election because it is about them and no one else. The people should in the light of what has happened in the state so far in the immediate past, weigh each candidate in the balance and judge them, especially by their antecedents, among which is the capacity to deliver good governance.

“Politics is all about allocation of resource; hence, the people should save themselves of future misery by voting candidates with impeccable pedigree and character

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Comrade Nelson explained that, from antecedents, Kogi is electorally, a volatile state, hence, electorates, whose future is at stake in the election should vote peacefully, guard/defend their votes to ensure that their vote truly counts.

He urged them to liaise with the security agencies by reporting security breaches and electoral malpractices, “The electorates should collaborate with the security agencies by ensuring that troublemakers and their sponsors are apprehended and prosecuted according to the extant law of the land before, during and after the polls, the statement emphasised.
On the role expected of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in the success of the election, the Centre said, the electoral umpire should place itself above board, and that, that is the only way they can earn the confidence of the people and guarantee a credible poll.

“INEC should look out for bad eggs among its staff, which are capable of ruining the reputation of the electoral body. The extent to which the election is credible and peaceful will be determined by the disposition or body language of INEC. It is easy to douse tension at the press of a button, where a candidate loses election fair and square but where the umpire is found wanting or culpable, it is a recipe for violence or crisis,” the statement concluded.

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