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U.S. sets an example of damaging business environment


By Wu Yuehe

Lately, the U.S. has shocked the whole world with a series of tricks aimed at forcing Chinese companies out of the U.S. market.


Seeing such famous Chinese companies as Huawei, Hikvision, and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) becoming increasingly popular in international market for advanced technologies and high-quality products, some people in the U.S. have become green with envy and attempted to exclude Chinese companies which are running their businesses lawfully in their country.

It is obvious to all that some U.S. politicians have been trying to force American companies to stop selling products to certain companies and keeping American consumers away from certain products.

Where is the market economy that the U.S. has been boasting about? Where is the free trade that the U.S. has paraded? And where has the U.S. got the power to make decisions willfully?

Many people are wondering whether the U.S. market economy will die from these crazy moves and that who on earth is calling the shots in the U.S. market.

Knowing that they don’t have reasonable grounds to force Chinese companies out of the U.S market, some politicians in the U.S. then racked their brains to make up lies, fabricating accusations such as “China has stolen knowledge from the U.S.,” and “China coerced U.S. companies into technology transfer.”

Such allegations against China are nothing but tricks aimed at sabotaging the international collaboration that was gradually forged in the course of economic globalization.

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It has become an international consensus that the reason why some U.S. politicians intended to wage a “technology cold war” is to contain the high-tech development of some countries and build American’s technological hegemony.

According to German media, many German readers have been of righteous indignation at the U.S. for exercising too much power on the Internet, pointing out that it will be naive to believe that it is right to follow the U.S. by excluding Huawei and buying American products. Europe must be alert to the situation and develop its own smartphone operating systems, said the German readers.

Anyone of insight can tell that the U.S. politicians are ruining the reputation and cutting off the sources of profits of American enterprises.

Popular U.S. products, such as chips and the Android system, will become uncertain factors if they are used to serve the political purposes of Washington. Eventually, they are doomed to be abandoned because of this.

The global economy will stay unaffected with the absence of some American products. The Americans are not the only people in the world that could develop chips and operating systems. Some people in the U.S. just don’t understand that it is the U.S. that needs the global market, not the other way around.

Without a stable and orderly business environment, there won’t be reliable opportunities to create wealth. At present, the U.S. frequently claims that it is
in the “state of emergency” and “under special threats”. Such behavior is nothing but taking national security as a joke.

By making false accusations and acting inappropriately, Washington is actually damaging the business of the U.S.

If a country’s policies are driven by zero-sum mentality and the country is obsessed with trade bullying, then it can never participate in global industrial division because it can become a troublemaker and source of risk at any time, and it is destined to ceaselessly look for new targets from the countries which are strong enough to compete with it.

Some U.S. politicians have long been enjoying the sense of pride in believing that “America is the best”, and as long as they sense that they are less competent than others, they would start to stifle and attack their competitors unashamedly.

However, the historical trend of economic globalization cannot be reversed. China, receiving worldwide attention and expectation, will always remain calm and fearless no matter how drastically the global situation changes.

It has been repeatedly proved in history and modern time that the higher the external pressure on China is, the more united the Chinese nation would be, and the more courageous the Chinese people would become.

It’s because the unique and time-honored intellectual legacy of the Chinese has instilled a strong sense of national confidence in them and nurtured a national spirit with patriotism at the very core.
It’s because through practical actions, China has built a broad avenue leading to bright prospects.

It’s also because by enhancing cooperation with global partners, China has continuously expanded its “circle of friends” and ushered in a prospective future for the Belt and Road construction.

It is beyond doubt it’s an era of openness and cooperation in which the wise choose to cooperate so as to pave roads for common development and achieve prosperity through win-win cooperation.

The U.S. politicians should come back to earth and know that no country is able to master the fate of another country. With the irresistible historical trend of win-win cooperation, their plot is nothing but wishful thinking.



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