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Prof Seidu Onailo Mohammed: Mischief Makers And Limit Of Falsehood

Prof Seidu Onailo Mohammed
Prof Seidu Onailo Mohammed

By Mike Achimugu

In this era, when integrity and character is most sorted after, because of the huge benefits it has earned President Muhammadu Buhari in his re-election bid, mischief makers have rolled up the sleeve to drag into the mud, the hard earned credibility of Prof Seidu Onailo Mohammed, the Director General (DG), National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA).


No plot can be more mischievous than the desperation to tarnish ones image by concocting lies to mislead the public. Mischief makers working for god-knows paymaster(s), mounted an online platform ‘InsideStory’ to cast lazy aspersions on Prof Mohammed, an indefatigable trailblazer par excellence.

In the dubious write up, obviously tailored to pull down Prof Mohammed because of the streams of accolades he has received in recent times due to humanitarian posture cum gesture, alleged that he supported an aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the just concluded State House of Assembly election in Omala Constituency of Kano State, against the candidate of his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Seeing that their anti-party allegation against the erudite professor of REMOTE SENSING has hit the brick wall, they have gone ahead to hired some Social Media merchants of falsehood to help them propagate another lies and mischief. They have crafted another allegation that; Prof Mohammed is in the habit of selling appointment in his agency. This is obviously meant to tarnish a reputation he has earned through diligence, character and hard work.

These allegations are at best, laughable because, “what will a man of Prof Mohammed pedigree do with peanuts from sales of appointment?” Another question to ask is, how poor has Prof Mohammed, a known philanthropist, become to condescend to selling jobs to the same people he has committed himself to helping overtimes?

Reacting to the failed propaganda, a close ally of Prof Mohammed, Comrade Moses Abdullahi refuted the allegation, describing it as the “last kick of a dying horse”.

According to Comrade Abdullahi, the good people are not gullible and, will therefore, not subscribe to the weakly orchestrated handiwork of the unscrupulous elements.

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In his words “The recent attempt by mischief makers to tarnish the good image of Prof Mohammed is dead on arrival because it is baseless. I strongly advice those behind the malicious publication to stop hiding behind the veil because no amount of propaganda can erase the positive antecedent of Prof Mohammed.

“It baffles me to read such publication crafted from the pit of hell. No doubt they are scared of Prof Mohammed’s growing popularity but this is a fake allegation taken too far. We are not surprised because people will definitely stop to throw stones at a tree bearing ripe fruits but nothing shall discourage us,” he maintained.

The malicious publication may not be unconnected with the pivotal roles, played by Prof Mohammed, during President Muhammadu Buhari reelection campaigns. Recall that Prof Mohammed hosted party faithfuls and stakeholders in his country home, Abejukolo-Ife, Omala local area of Kogi State to celebrate the victory of Mr President.

There is every need to remind these merchants of pull him down syndrome, (PHD), that, in 21s century, three qualities combines to drive a successful political leadership engagement: Competence, Character and Diligence. While Competence comes through Training and Experience, Character is developed through time and what we choose to learn and do from them. Diligence on the other hand is development through conscientiousness and assiduousness.

When these three collides in an individual, he is positioned to be an all-round winner. Prof Seidu Onailo Mohammed epitomises these qualities, and that is why he has remained an all-weather achiever. This also explains why there has been a steady rise in the clamour for Prof Mohammed to offer himself in greater service to fatherland.

Many will ask, “How a man from a humble background became so competent, diligent and full of character? The answer is not far-fetched, as it can be deduced from the mindset of the late legendary Boxing Icon, Muhammed Ali who once posited that, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life…”Like Muhammed Ali, who through dint of hard work, grace of God and modicum of luck, lived a life of excellence and triumph throughout his life; Prof Mohammed epitomises the competence, character, uniqueness and leadership acumen that only God and diligence can produce in any man.

Critics should also be reminded that, Prof Mohammed is well a rounded scholar, technocrat and selfless philanthropist, who have excelled in every field of human endeavor he found himself without question marks on his integrity.

Authors of mischief needs to be reminded also, that the recent awards and accolades bestowed on Prof Mohammed from the three senatorial zones of Kogi State were premised on his people-centred leadership style: friendliness, capacity building and outstanding performances. The Awards were given by the Igala Youth Arise Association from the eastern part of the state, the Ozovehe Women Descendant Association from the central senatorial zone of the state and Okun Progressive Organization from the Western senatorial zone of the state.

In the age that leadership deficit has become a raging debate in our clime, Dr Tom Ohikere, a political stakeholder, wrote about Prof Mohammed: “The recent commissioning of the Ultra-Modern Laboratory Complex and Engineering Building of the Centre for Atmospheric Research, an Activity Centre of The National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA shows NASRDA’s readiness to advance the country through Research, Innovations and Development.

“We do not need to delay in praising those who care for the welfare of our land while they are alive because sometimes posthumous praise seems ineffective. We need to see and cultivate a habit of applauding the efforts of those who use their might and influence to uplift the cause of our land when it is most needed. Professor Mohammed has made us proud and we remain ever grateful to God for having him as a Kogite and also a Nigerian.

“As a fellow Kogite, I remain greatly joyous for having a Kogi born scientist who could through his love and passion remember the state and his people by siting the location of this great Research Centre in the land which will attract global attention to the state and by implications announcing our land to the international community.

“To have specifically located this within our state university speaks volumes about his desire to produce more Kogites in the field of Space Science and Technology through partnership between the Agency and the school management.

“It is also interesting to note that, the annual budgetary allocation to the Centre will boost the state economy and will also improve on the economic activities of Igalaland which plays host to the Staff of the Centre besides other non-pecuniary benefits accrue to the land among which is employment opportunity for the locals as stated in the Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

“Those who do not see the future of this great initiative may not comprehend the in-depth of the impact of having such a World Class Research Centre in the land but the generations to come will have Prof Mohammed’s praise on their lips.”

On this summation by Dr Tom Ohikere, misfits and mischieve makers should leave Prof Mohammed alone, or better still, join him in the good work he is doing.

Dr Mike Achimugu is a Lagos based Public Affairs analyst



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