Home News Soldiers take over Adamawa community as residents clash with Shila-Boys

Soldiers take over Adamawa community as residents clash with Shila-Boys


Soldiers in Adamawa state have taken over Jambutu community in Yola north following a clash between members of the community and notorious gangs called Shila-Boys, who had been terrorising Adamawa and surrounding communities.

“After Baba Jada steps in to prevent the boys from attacking and robbing people, they followed him to his house and murdered him in cold blood. The activities of these boys is known all over the state, and people have been reporting the matter to the authorities, but nothing was done about it.


Other residents of the area said, fighting ensued yesterday as a result of the steps the community took to step up action and to curtail the gang attacks and broad daylight robbery on innocent people by the Shila-Boys, which was put off by local police and community members.

However, the situation took another dimension as violence escalated taking the tone of religion and ravaging the peace of the community.

For now, the situation is calm, but many innocent residents have fled the community as only soldiers are seen patrolling the area.

All attempt to get the reaction of Othman Abubakar, the police public relations officer for Yola command on the violence in Jambutu community of Adamawa state in the Northeast Nigeria, did not yield positive result as at press time.



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