Home Entertainment 72-year-old grandma marries 19-year-old man after 2 weeks of dating

72-year-old grandma marries 19-year-old man after 2 weeks of dating


“The wedding night is really wonderful.”

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Meeting grandma at her son’s funeral, the 19-year-old guy quickly fell in love with 72-year-old grandmother . Only after two weeks of dating, the boy proposed to the woman.

84-year-old grandma cries tears of joy when family gives her pet dog Young girl being forbidden to eat by her grandfather weighs only 16.8 kg, but 10 years later she becomes a beautiful girl Looking at the Almeda Errell, 72, who lives in Maryville, Tennessee, got married to Gary Hardwick, 19 years old. They got to know each other and officially became a couple since 2016 and always praised each other as “great lovers”.

Both first met each other at Almeda’s son’s funeral. At that time, they felt that the opponent was very attractive but because of the situation, he did not dare to speak. A few months later, they did not see each other but they always missed each other. In the end, the two met each other again at a birthday party and thought that it was fate. Mrs. Almeda and Gary decided to have a relationship ever since.

After only 2 weeks of dating, the 19-year-old boy offered to marry grandmother who is 53 years old older than him. Mrs. Almeda agreed and they quickly went to marriage. Almeda said: ‘I’d been married to my first husband Donald for 43 years. Romance or trouble is enough but I don’t have much emotion. This second marriage is a whirlwind.” .

The 72-year-old woman also shared that they were looking forward to the wedding night and it was really wonderful: “We always kiss and compliments on each other. We enjoy this relationship. You will realize one person is perfect for you when you don’t want to miss the moment with him. We do small things for each other from cooking, washing dishes to washing clothes. We always thank for each other.”

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