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A response to Emma Bello

Hon. Emma Bello
Hon. Emma Bello

Hon. Emma Bello
Hon. Emma Bello

“How can you be an architect and never bothered to even redesign our roundabouts that have been there for decades? #incongrous”
Emma Bello

Dear Emma Bello,

Yes, our dear Governor DDI is an Architect of High Repute and International standing whose impact in the architectural domain is legendary in this country owing to his numerous contributions in the design and construction of many national assets. Yes, our DDI has not re-designed our ’roundabouts ‘ in the state capital and according to you, is a failure on his part as an Architect Governor.

It is however imperative for you to know that while Architects design and construct buildings, our DDI has gone beyond that into real governance of developing human capital for the state, of putting in place / turning around various investment assets that both employ thousands of our teeming youths (directly and indirectly) and also provide income to the state.

Yes, our DDI have not redesigned our roundabouts, but have constructed roads both within and outside the state capital for the use of our citizens. He has prudently and with a tact beyond a versatile financial expert managed to keep upto date payments of salaries and pensions of the entire civil servants of the state and Local Government in spite of the financial hole and huge liabilities left behind by the administration of your new-found reckless ‘godfather’ which is now being deducted at source.

Yes, our DDI has not redesigned our roundabouts being your hallmark of governance, but by every standard of governance, we are comfortable with our DDI because we know the pensions of our senior citizens is safe with him. Our curtains, rugs, vehicles, furniture in Government offices / residence and CBN MSME Funds are safe with him. All balances of our investment Accounts are safe with him unlike with your new-found ‘godfather’. Yes, our university cannot be ordered to be ‘lock-up’ with the keys brought to him for lack of educational value.

Ours, Emma Bello, is a support of objectivity and verifiable good governance not because we have been paid N5,000,000.00 to buy our good conscience and sway our sense of reasonableness. No, ours is a support from an objective heart!


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