Home Cover 2019 presidency: 5,000 families in Lagos hold rally, want Buhari reelected (PHOTOS)

2019 presidency: 5,000 families in Lagos hold rally, want Buhari reelected (PHOTOS)


No fewer than 5,000 families on Wednesday stormed Lagos State to hold a rally for the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The different families unanimously declared that President Buhari must be voted back into power to finish the good work he had started in Nigeria.

The families, under the umbrella of Nigerian Families for Baba Buhari, hinged their decision to back Buhari for another term on the progress that have been made in the short span of four years, albeit in the midst of distractions.

Speaking during the well-attended rally at the Freedom Park, coordinator of the families, Festus Akintola, said the Buhari-led government had shown tenacity in its drive to set Nigeria on the part of economic growth and sustainability

According to Akintola, “Considering the prosperity and prospect we enjoy from taking the right decision of supporting President Muhammadu Buhari to emerge winner in 2015, we should have stayed back in our respective places of employment, businesses and homes. But the good governance that is being delivered to us is something that must not be interrupted. There is need for the good life we now have, courtesy President Buhari’s government, to continue.

“Therefore, we are gathered here because of our firm belief in the imperative of ensuring the continuity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Buhari-Osinbajo Presidency for another four years term in office.

“Lagosians are known to be politically enlightened. We have been able to read between the lines and we have watched with keen interests the events of the past four years. We have been able to compare with what existed before and we know that the best bet for us is for Baba Buhari to continue in office for another four years.

“This does not mean that there are no distractions. These are expected antics of the opposition and we dare say we are already used to them. We have taken our time to look beyond Lagos state so that we are not limited by focusing only on our own spaces.

“Our decision to support Baba is therefore based on the results we see in all the geo-political zones of the country. When we look across the country, what we see is the progress that have been made in the short span of four years albeit in the midst of distractions.

“The Buhari/Osinbajo stewardship is therefore one that the country cannot do without at this critical time of our history. We have been told that certain Nigerians aspire to replacing Baba when they had not taken time to take tutelage at his fit and appreciate what it takes to have the interest of the country at heart.

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“Baba’s government has shown tenacity in its drive to set Nigeria on the part of economic growth and sustainability. He has worked on the diversification of the economy, which has continue to yield astonishing results across the country. Millionaire farmers have emerged and among them are many women and mothers, SMEs are smiling, the intervention programme like Trader Moni, N-Power, school feeding and Conditional Cash Transfer positively impacted our lives as mothers. We do not want the return of those that will divert such funds to build homes for themselves in Dubai.

“Above all dear compatriots, you would have noticed that there are a few people that have been crying about how they are not getting slush funds in their accounts. It is because Baba Buhari has turned the situation around for Nigeria to now belong to us, the citizens. For the first time those of us that do honest work in Nigeria have become empowered to earn our daily bread as opposed to being tied to the apron strings of bigwigs for paltry handouts.

“Today, the ownership of Nigeria is devolving back to citizens. The Buhari government is working to birth a Nigeria that belongs to all of us instead of a few political jobbers. It is on this note that we are saying it loud and clear that the only way to guarantee this Nigeria that belongs to Nigerians is to vote President Buhari/Osinbajo as the only option in the February 16 Election.”

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