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Ikpeazu: Governance By Deception


By Tony Icheku

As Governor Okezie Ikpeazu enters the last lap of his 4-year first term, Abians are convinced now that no good will come from him. He is a lost cause! Maybe Gov Ikpeazu had good intentions, maybe he even did some good, but Abians have never had it so bad. That is the sad truth.

Under Ikpeazu, tales filter out from Govt House Annex, Aba. Tales of riotous feasting and excessive banqueting. Tales of barefaced thievry, misappropriations and serial abuses of office. Little wonder the lethargy from top to bottom: …a typical case of when the head is rotten….

Someone counters that under the Ikpeazu administration, Abia had for the last 3 years ranked first in WASC examinations. Yes, it is true Abia ranks first, but the Ikpeazu administration perpetually discomfited from overindulgence has contributed zilch to this feat. I stand to be corrected.

From 2015 to date, morale of teachers in government-owned secondary schools is below zero, indiscipline is at its height. Here are further reasons to believe that like all else, the Ikpeazu admintration is stiffling education in Abia; And frustrating development of Abia’s major resources – human resources:

* Currently teachers in Abia government-owned secondary schools are being owed over six months salary arrears.

* They are being owed accrued minimum wage arrears for more than ten months.

* This teachers have not being paid leave allowances since 2010, neither have they been paid promotion arrears for the same period.

* In the same period, they have suffered cuts in their salaries ranging from N3,000; N5,000 and N8,000, no explainations were proffered for these cuts.

* Since 2007, ABSG had not recruited new teachers. Schools survive on PTA sponsored teachers and NYSC members. Our investigations discovered a particular school with over 600 students and only 7 teachers.

Students provide either materials for practicals in science subjects or are levied for same. There are other indiscriminate levies on students

* Abia secondary schools are fee paying, charging N6,000 and N7,000 for new students in first term and N5,000 for other terms.

Its a jungle out there in Abia owned secondary schools: Principals have no control over teachers, teachers have none over students. Why? Principals run the school the best way they can. They get zero subventions, but they implement the collection of school fees for government, teachers do the yeoman’s job of a




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