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Worsening security exposes Governor Shettima/ Borno Hypocrisy

Gov. Kashim Shettima
Gov. Kashim Shettima
Gov. Kashim Shettima
Gov. Kashim Shettima

By George Onmonya Daniel

For the past three and half years the Borno State government and people have pretended all is going well and proudly tell anyone who wants to listen that the coming of President Buhari has changed everything even when it was clear things were falling apart. Boko Haram come in at will to do whatever they want, the Nigerian soldiers at the war front complained, number of casualties are hidden by the government and the people, attacks never make headlines and even when they do the social media ignored it. Borno State government and its people continue to live in pretense. Boko Haram came confidently and took over one hundred girls in Dapchi and brought them back confidently keeping Leah Sharibu, yet President Buhari and his whole military set up keep lying to the people of the nation that Boko Haram has been defeated and the government and people of Borno keep selling these lies.

Recently the Shehu of Borno told the world that things are not going on well despite the government’s trying to give an impression that they are in charge of the situation. President Buhari keeps selling the “technically defeated” propaganda. Largely since Boko Haram changed their strategy of bombing civilians because of orders from ISIS which they pledged allegiance to, a lot of Nigerians are not worried since the war is far away in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa State. Fulani herdsmen attacks was nearer home and it becomes the headline. Borno State government and its people continue to live the lies, not even the opposition parties were telling the world the truth, exception of a few people, one member of the House of Representative, especially, who keeps hammering on the facts that things are getting worse. The likes of Senator Ndume, who were in the Buhari camp keep denying and supporting the president despite obvious failures after failures.

As BAGA falls to Boko Haram and these things can no longer be covered up, the Borno State government has been forced to call up a meeting with locals, Civilian JTF and hunters, to come out and assist. The governor is saying he criticizes Goodluck Jonathan and refuses to criticize Buhari because the Buhari presidency gives him access into the Villa anytime he wants, when the Goodluck Jonathan presidency treat him as enemy. Ok, what has access to the Villa achieved? Where are the Borno elders who made things difficult for the previous administration with their stories that their people are being killed by the army? They made sure the federal government were denied sales of arms by the developed nation that they had to go to the black market to buy.

Where are those who accused the previous administration of having a hand in Boko Haram? Where are those who quoted General Abacha, that, “if insurgency continues for more that twenty four hours, the government has a hand in it,” and passionately promoted this line of thought?

Borno State government and its people are drowning in the faeces of their own politics of lies, denial and cover up for President Buhari. They have continued to cover up everything and are only coming out now because the whole world knows now that things are not going on well. IF they can cover up Baga they would, but in this whirlwind the fowl yansh cannot be covered, and they aren’t telling us what we don’t already know.

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