“Mr President you must be bold enough to take bold decision on this matter. I want to end this way, Mr president we do not support killings on any side, I want to say this without fear or favour, that Cattle rearing is a personal business. Mr president, it is a personal business and should be treated as such. A word is enough for the wise!

Mr president, what we demand is not a lackluster approach from the federal government, this issue has been approached with kid’s gloves. Mr president, if this happened in United States of America, the lives of over 70 Americans, Mr president murdered in cold blood including unborn children and women, will President Donald Trump be comfortable in the white house without paying physical visitation to psychologically relief the pain of the people? Mr President, if you speak the truth you will die if you don’t speak the truth you will still die, so is better I speak the truth and die peacefully.

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Mr president, federal government and the security agencies are extremely lackadaisical about this issue, I call today Mr president that if we don’t begin to give justice when justice is needed in the Federal Republic of Nigeria be it in Taraba or Benue, be it in Enugu or Ogbomoso, justice from North to South, justice from South to West, if we don’t give that Mr president, we will be inviting the political and insecurity insomnia that we may not be able to curtail”.

Senator Dino is representing Kogi West senatorial district at the red chambers.