By Aminat Mohammed

BBNaija reality Star Nina in excitement took to Instagram to announce she has gotten an Executive Life Coach, who has accepted to work with her to achieve a NEW NINA…courtesy of Toyin Lawani CEO of Tiannah’s Empire. 

During her first strategy session, Her life coach, stated she needs to finish her education and ignore most comments being thrown at her.

She said, “Nina it’s a strategy now. And as you have come, even the top brand people abroad they always need an executive coach to be able to direct you from the inside out. 

“Like I told you, a lot of people will say things…you need to ignore it. It’s not every thing you should talk about. You need to know how to deflect nicely and avoid certain things. 

“Because you see, it’s not every body that is going to like you and if you want everybody to like you, YOU ARE GOING TO MISS IT.” 

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“That’s why we are going to work on you, from the inside out. Give you the confidence that you need. Give you the empowerment that you need so that you can brand yourself properly. 

“And one of the first thing is, you need to finish your education. 

On what point of education she’s now, Nina replied “Finals”.

She then continued, “okay; so you need to finish your education and then we begin to drill down.”