By Meshack Tony Idehen

Last week, the Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria Mr Rahimi Zarchi, told Nigerians his country was looking at the possibilities of establishing a university in Nigeria.

Coming from a country that is globally recognized as a leading sponsor of terrorism around the world, including in Nigeria, the outcry that has trailed those comments by the ambassador, to me, is very well justified.

Over the last couple of years, Iran has successfully positioned itself not only as the black sheep of the Middle East, but also as a country that cannot be trusted to keep simple agreements.

Furthermore, with our country Nigeria already grappling with terrorism and its negative multiplier effects on several fronts, it is my sincere belief that allowing Iran to establish a university in Nigeria is akin to adding to the challenges associated with terror which has caused great pains and losses to this country.

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Not too long ago,the Government of Turkey whose rebellious citizens have also established some universities in Nigeria expressed their wish to close down these institutions.

That decision, according to Turkish President. Tayip Edrogan, was based on the fact that these “terror” universities not only lack requisite academic and institutional support, but also have been proven to be a perfect breeding ground for potential terrorists and nation destroyers.

The onus and responsibility is now on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Ministry of Education and the National Universities Commission, who must look beyond any short term benefit, and unequivocally refuse the Iranian this demonic request.

Meshack Tony Idehen is a Nigerian Journalist based in Washington DC.