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PDP National Youth Leader: My Message to PDP Delegates



My dear Comrades, Leaders and all delegates, Since our dismal showing in the 2015 general elections, our great Party has been plunged into a leadership crisis. This crisis was abated by the Supreme Court judgement of July 12th which gave us a lifeline. As we count down towards our December 9 elective convention, I have decided to offer myself to serve and to rebuild the Party in as National Youth leader. My candidacy is as a result of my strong conviction and belief in shared prosperity, accountability and transparency. My greatest regret would be to sit and watch person(s) who do not understand and share in the travails of PDP Youth to gain power and plunge us into further regression or at best revert to status quo for another 4 years. This is the basis of my quest to serve as our National Youth Leader so as to bring honest and sustainable reforms and shared prosperity to our Youth directorate. Having worked with and observed with utmost interest the problems and limitations of the PDP Youth, I can ascertain that our problems are broad and far reaching. Most are social impediments whilst others are environmental and circumstantial. The biggest limitations to Youth political advancement in our party PDP are financial impediments. The average PDP youth is a career politician which means that many of us have no other means of livelihood outside politics. The implication thereof is that in all actions, their survivalist instinct overrules all objective reasoning. This is least surprising and very much expected in a retrogressive economy like ours. SOLUTION: On resumption of duty as the National Youth Leader , I shall convene a meeting of key donors and sponsors to get their buy-in into my programmes for capacity building with focus on empowering PDP Youth with the requisite knowledge and skills needed for professional electioneering, campaign consultancy and youth entrepreneurship. I shall use my established network with Alpari online financial trading platform to provide PDP Youth with very basic commodity and financial trading skill so as to leverage their habitual use of the Internet and social media to earn a living. I have concluded negotiations with a successful commodity and financial trader to provide the training for PDP Youth. This financial liberation would give PDP Youth their first leap towards an objective and robust political engagement. Secondly, I shall introduce young people to campaign consultancy which is one of my foremost political strength, rather than support candidates for election for meagre sums, we will create structured campaign branding portfolios where PDP Youth would approach aspirants and offer valuable campaign services in a professional way for a reasonable fee. I shall establish a permanent proposal writing desk at the youth directorate with a dedicated Human Resource officer charged with the responsibility of guiding and supporting PDP Youth on Political Proposal writing and for any other related needs. I intend to create a lobby team whose main responsibility will be to identify party programmes ahead of time at States and National levels and we shall lobby for inclusion of PDP Youth through letters and visits to the deciding authorities. I will lead from the front, I will lobby for your inclusion until my request is considered and approved. The second major handicap which affects our Youth directorate is financial support to contest elections. On my 2nd week of resumption to office, I shall set up a team to raise cluster funds from within our party and outside our party for the women amongst us. I shall raise elections funds for at least 10 PDP young women to contest elections in 2019 through my established network with Nigerian Women’s Trustfund and from other donors. For the men, I shall raise cluster funds for 15 of you to contest election for various seats in your States in 2019 and I shall lobby your State Leaders to give you tickets. Additionally, I shall designate young people to support your campaign and election to conclusion. One pertinent issue that bothers me so much is the vulnerability of young people’s safety as they engage in political activities, I shall get funding from the party to provide a limited insurance cover for young people who are engaged in party assignments. For every political engagement within States, I would ensure that young people are provided with basic accommodation and stipends whilst on party assignment. Never again, will anyone treat young people with laxity under my watch, as the saying goes, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Last but by no means the least, PDP youths will be better branded, ranging from uniforms, memorabilia, and a total flip of the perception that the average Youth is a thug and a beggar who cannot make any meaningful contribution to nation and Party building. One of the biggest problems PDP faces, is its inability to tell her story coherently…a typical example is its institutionalised fight against corruption through EFCC and ICPC…the trial and conviction of subsidy thieves and the creation of a most sustainable fiscal policy such as the famed Single Treasury Account. We shall create a policy platform where PDP Youth would discuss National issues monthly or bi-monthly as a means of projecting the wealth of knowledge of PDP Youth whilst projecting our party’s numerous achievements thereby reversing the negative perception of our Youth as non achievers. Finally, we shall return to our past electoral winning ways of engaging electorates directly through door to door campaign. PDP will no longer be referred to as an elitist party where leaders sit behind and send subordinates on campaign errands. I shall lead from the front by embarking on election campaigns with our team. These are a few of the reforms I intend to bring to the PDP Youth Directorate if elected National Youth Leader. MY WORD IS MY BOND.

Signed: Obianuju Kanu Ogoko

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APC reconciliation committee: Party youths blasts Oshiomhole



Adams Oshiomhole, Chairman of APC

Adams Oshiomhole, Chairman of APC

The Young Stakeholders Forum of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the party for excluding youths and women from the reconciliation committee set up by the party.

The forum in a statement issued Tuesday by Chuks Nwanodu, believed they should be carried along in the reconciliation exercise because some young men and women were not also happy with the party, adding that excluding them will not give any credence to the task.

The APC NWC had released list of a 7-man committee for each zone to resolve some of the grievances arising from the party primaries. The committee will be inaugurated today in Abuja

The statement read: “We received the news of the reconciliation committee with a shock, that no single young man or woman is considered necessary. The National Chairman of APC must learn how to recognize the influence of the youths and women wings of this party.”

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A’Ibom Assembly crisis: Eyiboh cautions PDP



Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Eseme Eyiboh, has called on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to avoid throwing the state into crisis ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Eyibo, a former House of Representatives, who spoke with journalists in Lagos on the crisis rocking the state House of Assembly, decried the recourse to lawlessness by the leadership of the state legislature in its expulsion of five APC lawmakers in the state and what he described as continuous attack on members of his party.

His words: “The trend of attacks on APC chieftains in Akwa Ibom State is going on unabated, but the picture being painted is that APC is the aggressor. The PDP instigated the action that led to the crisis in the state House of Assembly and that is clear to everyone.

“Last year, the only APC member in the State House of Assembly defected to the PDP and nothing happened and no seat was declared vacant. But, just recently, five members of the PDP defected to the APC and attempt was made to declare their seats vacant. That is double standard on the path of the state legislature.”

He further said that the declaration of the seats of the five legislators vacant was done against procedure as he said that only nine members of the House sat on a Monday, which he said was not a normal sitting day without the mace.

Affirming what he described as the superiority of the APC in the state, Eyiboh said that Akwa Ibom State, which was once 100 percent PDP has now tilted towards the APC, adding that it will be impossible for Governor Emmanuel to be re-elected in the forthcoming elections.

“It is not going to be possible for Emmanuel to be re-elected because the game has changed in Akwa Ibom State. I must also make it clear that APC is not going to rely on federal might to win the state. Second term is not a constitutional right, but a constitutional privilege.”

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2019: Buhari best option for Ndigbo – Chekwas Okorie



The United Progressive Party (UPP), on Tuesday described President Muhammadu Buhari as its adopted candidate ahead of the February 16, 2019 Presidential election.

Briefing the press at the UPP National Headquarters in Abuja, party’s National Chairman, Chekwas Okorie, said that President Muhammadu Buhari was adopted as the party’s Presidential candidate in the 2019 election because of his credibility and uprightness, adding that his guaranteed second term is the only option for Ndigbo to return to mainstream politics and actualize their hope of producing a President from the South East in Nigeria.

Okorie maintained that the UPP National Working Committee (NWC) took the decision to adopt President, after due consultations with the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party, noting that its support for President Buhari was for the sake of national stability, cohesion and unity, adding that four years of President Buhari was far more reassuring and beneficial to most Nigerians than a possible eight years of another political party.

The UPP however noted that it would not deviate from its core values as provided in its manifesto and the objective principles of its constitution in the areas of restructuring, self determination of all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, devolution of power, referendum, unconditional release of prisoners of conscience, State Police and Community policing among others, even as it noted that it would continue to engage the presidency and other stakeholders to actualize them

. He said, “We wish to state at the onset that our great party, the United Progressive Party (UPP) received a number of invitations for the purpose of forming a Coalition for the 2019 Presidential Election. Delegations of our Party honoured virtually all the invitations and submitted their reports to the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Party.

“On Friday 17th August 2018 the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Party met and approved that the party shall not field a Presidential Candidate for the 2019 Presidential Election among many other far-reaching resolutions including the domestication of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Act. Having considered the reports of the delegations that represented the Party in the various Alliance/Coalition meetings, NEC mandated the NWC to continue with exploring the best Coalition option for our Party and in the overall interest of majority of the Nigerian people.

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