*NGOs Says No Appopration Bill

By Sarauniya G Usman

The Chairman House Committee on Civil Society Organisations and Development Partners, Peter Akpatason, says the National Assembly would act in the interest of Nigerians.

Akpatason who gave the assurance during an interview with Newsmen in Abuja, said the National Assembly would treat the bill as Bill in respect to the NGO appropriation Bill.

“We are not afraid of any opposition, we are not expecting that everybody will clap for any bill. Yes, people will object bill,then we’ll take objection with sense of responsibility and process whatever information comes out of the public hearing and make appropriate recommendation”.

NGO Reject Bill

Insame vein,Civil Society Organisations, has kick against for the non passage of the CSO appropriation Bill as it remains a treat to democracy in Nigeria

They Made the submission at a Press Conference,Organised by Global Rights,Advocates For Sustainable Justice in Abuja yesterday.

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The bill which proposes the creation of a federal agency responsible for the supervision, confirmation and monitoring of NGOs and CSOs in Nigeria, looks to perform duplication of duties of existing governmental agencies such as CAC, EFCC and National Planning Commission,therefore called on the National Assembly as well as government to withdraw the bill.

The Convener and Country Director,Global Rights, Abiodun Baiyewu-Teru, said, “We believe in seperation of power, we believe in open government, for our people and for our people to say they truly have a democracy, our people must be able to have a voice in the government. When you control civil society organisations, you no longer have participatry government”.

” When we cannot demand accountability from the body that wants to know your every move and dictates how your every cent spent, the exception of the background of the bill are religion institutions and ethnic groups, and that would begin to narrow civil Society organisations to be advocacy groups”.

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We work to hold the government accountable and to fill gaps,you must remember how we conquered HIV in this country,the awareness was largely created by civil society organisations not government.

Abiodun said, Not everybody that have given their time, life and resources to work for civil society organisations is looking for a cheap problem. We hold this country trust and all the people who love this country work for it.

Sr. Rosemary Ukata, Center for Women Studies and Intervention (CWSI) ,Abuja, says if the bill is passed alot will be left undone.

According,the NGO are doing alots in the community and that almost all the NGO funds are based on a specific needs of comminity,that the government failed to addressed.

“All the NGOs are driven by the desire to address a specific needs in the society and we are afraid that if the bill is passed what we have been doing will be left undone”.