Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman is a prominent Nigerian and an illustrious son of Igala land who will do nothing to undermine the collective interest of the Igala people and nation.

Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman has over the last decade been at the fore of various struggles aimed at promoting the interest of the Igala nation while also ensuring that people from other ethnic denominations across Nigeria are accorded due respect along the lines of equity, national unity and peaceful coexistence.

A crucial instance was during the botched Port Harcourt National Convention of the PDP and the just concluded Abuja Convention wherein He offered himself to serve the party by vying for the office of National Publicity Secretary.

During this time, not a few sons and daughters of the Igala nation featured and played prominent roles in His core campaign team.

Not only was the Director General of the campaign team a forward thinking and resourceful son of the soil, Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman ensured that as many Igala sons and daughters who came with any iota of value were given slots in his team.

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In response to this call, Authority Newspapers, Abuja and other leading tabloids attached correspondents of Igala extraction to the campaign structures of Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman.

This can be also confirmed from the massive turnout of prominent Igala personalities including youth at key events including the official declaration of his intention to contest, the various social media meets which took place, his purchase and return of nomination forms and his screening exercise.

Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman holds the entire Igala nation in highest esteem and looks forward to more opportunities to exhibit this attribute.

Thank You.

Ezeani, Chukwunonso Elvis.
Media Assistant to Barr. Mohammed Kabir Usman.
(c) 2018, Abuja.