Late King Samuel Ogenyi
Late King Samuel Ogenyi

By Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi

Born to the family of Comrade and Mrs Okpokwu Ogenyi on the 19th July, 2017. Named by Pastor Oke of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries on the 26th July, 2018. It was a celebration as his name was given by the parents as King Samuel Ogaba Ogenyi. He was full of life and expectations.

Kings are usually addressed by salutations, as children named after Kings in our kindred are usually named Ogaba or Ogabaidu, sometimes by the title, Otsapa. A show of respect and honour to the King.

Ogaba was named after two great Kings from two similar kingdoms, the Igumale and the Agila kingdoms. Ogaba means Lion, our Kings are salutated Ogaba in description of a supreme ruler of our land.

Bobo, as he was fondly called by his mother, was dedicated to God at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Karu on Sunday, 12th November, 2017. The event attracted Pastors and great men of God who decreed unto his future.

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It was a day of reunion, as media icons were seen discussing and chanting the way forward, community leaders, traditional title holders, business tycoon and off course, human right activists and civil society chiefs were fully on ground for the celebrations which gradually transformed from a child dedication to a Talent Hunt and a comedy show.

King Samuel’s life became stylish as he was growing faster than his pears, so amazing, he could stand for over three minutes without support, a sign of his readiness to walk within eight months of birth.

At four months, he discharged himself from breastfeeding, and preferred sleeping on the baby bed instead of laying in between his parents. He eventually wakes up by 5am on daily bases to wake his parents by crawling to their bed and hold onto his father’s leg till he wakes up.

It was an eventful life indeed, his demise was an eye opener to me as his father, even now, I still believe he will still come back to life. It is very painful to loose a child to the cold hands of death, especially at a well equipped Asokoro District Hospital with highly qualified medical doctors and consultants. Leading to the end of King Samuel’s era, the doctors and nurses resulted to prayers as medicine failed my son, the conclusion of the prayer session was ” Lord! Let Your Will Be Done!!” As His will prevails, we lost Samuel to death on the 21st March, 2018, 02:00am local time.

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He was committed to the mother Earth at the Christian Cementary, Karu, FCT after nine hours of prayers, hoping to wake the assumed sleeping son of ours.

Today is the 7th days of his demise, we appreciate our friends and family members, associates and well wishers who sympathise with us at this trying moment, pls join us in praying for his soul as he transform into an Angel.

May the Lord God Almighty accept your soul. My dear son, continue to be with the Lord.