Adams Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole

National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, said former President Goodluck Jonathan voted N5 billion to influence Edo electorate to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015. Oshiomhole, who was reacting to Jonathan’s accusation that vote-buying started in the 2016 Edo State governorship election, explained that, that was the reason PDP won two senatorial and majority of House of Representatives seats against the wish of Edo electorate. In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Simon Ebegbulem, the APC chairman alleged that PDP leaders in Edo State were currently in court over the funds the ex-president de-ployed to buy votes in the state.
“If he had worked hard even for his constituents in the South-South as president, he would not have had any cause to voyage into vote-buying,” the APC chairman added. He called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to prosecute Jonathan for being a harbinger of votebuying. Oshiomhole noted that cronies of the former president are currently being prosecuted in court for the funds meant to fight insurgency, which they allegedly converted to buy votes for the ex-president. “Today, some of the illfated underhand strategies Jonathan deployed to win elections are no longer secrets. “It is worth recalling here that in its 16 years in power, the PDP betrayed considerable hope.
“The administration of Jonathan did not deviate from the flawed vision or governance impunities of the PDP. “Vote-buying is a sad product of PDP’s uninspiring history. It has no place in the patriotic vision of APC. “So how can ex-President Jonathan have the moral grounds to attack the national chairman of the ruling APC who is initiating transformational template of party governance for a popular party on a rescue mission?” he asked.
Oshiomhole stated that Jonathan missed the point by assaulting his personality. His words: “Further crying more than the bereaved, a suspicious scenario in African culture, the expresident also expressed worry that Oshiomhole “is currently operating under tremendous stress,” striving to give new direction to the APC, “as the new leader of his party.” “Worse was that Jonathan descended to the surprisingly low level of attacking the personality of Oshiomhole. The purpose of such approach is strangely unclear. Assaulting the personality of the APC national chairman is simply argumentum ad hominem and should not have been part of the narrative by the ex-president.
“To Jonathan’s weightier, cleverly contrived allegations. If the allegation that the APC national chairman is having psychological issues with the even more specific reference to “multiple personality syndrome,” came from a doctor of human medicine with specialization in psychology, it could debatably enjoy some merit. But Jonathan is a zoologist from the swamps of Otuoke. This is clearly veering from his turf and unworthy of further debate…. “Before he became president, the most important credential that was used in marketing the Jonathan brand was his apparent lucky streak in matters of political ascendancy. It’s rather pointless quarrelling with his luck. To be propelled from the dark anonymity of a mere local government councillor in the creeks of the Niger Delta to the marbled vaults of presidential power in Abuja must appeal to those who believe in luck.”

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