Moses Isibor
Moses Isibor

By Augustine Aminu

If anyone had told Mr Moses Isibor that the tumor on his face will grow to the point that threatens his eyes, he would never have believed.

The father of one and Music graduate from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, is well known for his music talent. His music has brought happiness to many, but today, he himself is in need of such happiness.

The 30-year-old talented musician first noticed a small bump on his face in 2007, and since then he has spent all the resources at his disposal to treat it.

Sadly, Isibor, said in tears that the cancerous tumor has been growing uncontrollably each day and causing him severe pains.

He has therefor appealed to kind hearted Nigerians to come to his rescue, saying that he needs four million(N4million)to remove the tumor on his face.

He said, “This problem started in 2007 after I noticed a bump on my face. At first, I thought it was a minor one which I could easily treat without consulting a physician.Unfortunately, the the situation escalated few days later. I was finally operated on in October,2008.

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“In 2014, the same case resurfaced.I did all I could to handle it but to no avail until I underwent a second operation at UBTH in 2015.This recent one that is almost taking over my entire face started six months ago.I have gone back to UBTH and a surgeon told me that the tumor will continue to reappear after operation until it is properly treated with the right equipment either in India or Germany.

“I am therefore begging for financial assistance to enable me foot my bills to travel abroad for the treatment.I graduated from the University four years ago and no job till now.The tumor is growing everyday our people should help me to come over this.I don’t want to lose my eyes.Please help me”.

Isibor Moses can be contacted for any assistance on GSM number:07039128365—Account no:0028693173–Moses Isibor–Diamond Bank.