Satguru Maharaji ji, the founder of  the One Love Family sect,  has called on the African Union (AU)  to tackle  the crises rocking some African countries before they get  worse.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Maharaji ji made the call while addressing newsmen at the Satguru Maharaji ji  Village in Ibadan.
He urged  the AU to  invite the leaders of the concerned countries for dialogue with a timeline for ending the crises.
The sect leader listed some of the affected countries as  Zimbabwe, South Africa, Liberia, Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo,  Somalia, Sudan and South  Sudan.
“There are many ways of settling disputes other than the barrel of gun, ” he said.
He also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to empower the EFCC to obtain  detailed information on constituency projects executed by the National Assembly since 2007.
The sect leader also  recommended that judges  accused of  fraud should be given sufficient opportunity  to defend themselves and must quit their offices  to defend themselves.
Maharaji ji further  proposed that all monies found with wives of political office holders  should be used in the provision of  mobile clinics, hospitals,  schools and others basic social amenities.
He said  the projects should be specifically  executed in  Niger Delta states of the country and could be extended to other river side communities in need of  government presence.

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