President Muham­madu Buhari is set to attend the 4th Africa-Arab Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea holding on Wednesday.

The summit, which will be attended by Heads of State and Government from Gulf and African countries, is expected to endorse the Malabo Decla­ration and Action Working Plan for 2017-2019 to pro­mote trade and economic ties.

The two-year plan seeks to implement priority proj­ects in trade, investment, transportation, communi­cation and energy in Af­rica.
In Malabo, President Buhari is also expected to hold discussions with Arab leaders, aimed at reviewing agreements to strengthen partnerships that bolster agriculture and infrastruc­ture development in Ni­geria through long term concessionary loans and technological skills trans­fer.
A presidency statement said he will also explore the opportunity of the sum­mit to seek support for the ongoing fight against Boko Haram and the humanitar­ian situation in Nigeria’s North East.
Jointly organised by the African Union Commis­sion and the League of Arab States, the summit fo­cuses on promoting devel­opment by strengthening trade, investments, trans­port, communication and energy among Gulf and African states.
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