Nigerian doctor took to his Twitter page to give tips for woman on how to take care of their virginal so as to stay healthy.

During his educative thread on the micro-blogging platform, he also advice ladies not to waste their time to rush to the bathroom to use showerhead to wash off sperm deposit inside them because it can never be washed out.

Read his thread below;
“Do NOT douche please.
Douching is the act of cleaning inside the v**ina by spraying it with water/soap using a hose or shower
Many believe this will get rid of bad odor, sperm and menstrual blood

This is bad practice. It wil only destabilise the v**ina and cause infections.

Aunty, if u have unprotected s*x and you run to the bathroom to grab the shower head to spray water inside your v**ina thinking you are washing the sperm off, u are playing yourself.

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Sperm deposited into the v**ina goes straight into the womb and your hose cannot reach there.
Your best bet is a PostPill and not douching, drinking lime, drinking dry gin, putting alum or leaves inside the v**ina. It’s a waste and very unhelpful.

Just don’t delete his number yet, and start saving well from the next month, because you will soon need cot and baby food.

I just heard people even put okro inside the v**ina to make it smooth/slippery, then put alum to tighten it

Even Julius Berger is not this creative with road construction

Leave your v**ina alone pls
It’s not an untarred road. There’s no need to make it an expressway.”

Lwkmd…….. What an advice