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Auto-crash: 21 students, 3 teachers, buried



A ‎funeral prayer for 21 students and three teachers of Government Day Junior Secondary School, Misau, Bauchi State, who died in a ghastly automobile accident, was held in Misau, amidst sobs by parents and relations.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the prayer, held at the palace of the First Class Emir of Misau, Ahmed Suleiman, was led by the Chief Imam of Misau Central Mosque, Usman Baba.

NAN reports that immediately residents of the town received report of the tragic incident, they started mourning, suspending socio-economic activities.

Nasiru Darazo, elder brother to one of the deceased students, Ibrahim Girema, described their death as a ‘colossal loss’.

“These are young men whom we are looking up to as leaders of tomorrow; today, they are no more.

‎“I have never seen such a tragedy; their remains were all smashed; you would not like to look at their bodies twice,” he told NAN, with emotions covering his face.

NAN gathered that the students and their teachers were returning from an excursion on Tuesday when their bus collided head-on with a trailer along Kano to Gaya road in Kano State, resulting in the death of 11 male and 10 female students, as well as their teachers.

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Yoruba youths apologise to Nigerians over Obasanjo’s recent outbursts, caution ex-president



As reactions continue to trail the recent statement by former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the state of the nation, the Council of Progressive Yoruba Youths has apologized to Nigerians.

The youth group said the latest missive in circulation entitled “Points For Concern And Action by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo” was off-point and should be discarded in its entirety.

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos on Tuesday, the National President of the group, Kola Salawu, said Nigerians needed to forgive Obasanjo for the eight years he wasted as a civilian president and for the wrong path he set the nation on.

Salawu said the Yoruba race was deeply ashamed that a so called elder from its ethnic stock decided to remain in a muddy gutter by penning such nauseating content.

He lamented that Obasanjo sowed the seed for extremism that birthed terrorism. He backed this up by ensuring that the military was emasculated and unable to respond to the threat he has created.

The youth leader said, “In Yoruba land, we take pride in answering our names. Only a bastard will deny his name. In practical terms this translates into us standing by our decisions and actions, irrespective of what outcomes they produced. Where the outcomes are good our head swell with the accompanying accolades; where the results of our actions are undesirable, we accept responsibility with honour and explore how to make amends so that we remain an integral part of the society. Of course, in the ancient past, where the failing is too grievous and involves a king that remained recalcitrant the relevant powers will have to present hi, with an empty calabash.

“This is a level of honour Obasanjo has never possessed and is incapable of learning. Had he such honour he would have accepted that the current insecurity he ranted is the outcome of his misrule that is only now yielding fruits. The poverty that makes it possible for terrorists, militants and separatists to gain new recruits was first instituted under his watch as president. The extremism that the nation today grapple with first surfaced under him with some states declaring Sharia rule, which was the incentive that made terrorists started demanding nationwide strict implementation Sharia.

“In the entire eight years he held office, Obasanjo was in mortal fear of being overthrown because of the unpopularity of his government. His solution to this was to destroy the military in the belief that there would be no way to plot a coup against him if there is no virile military. In addition to embarking on massive sacks and purge that deprived the military establishment of crucial institutional memory, he also ensured that the military inventory was depleted without replenishment or procurement to make sure that the military was incapacitated.

“The destruction of the military armory at Ikeja Cantonment about this time of the year in 2002 has now been confirmed to be part of Obasanjo’s desperation to de-tooth the military. A military plane crash that killed a dozen generals under Obasanjo’s watch in 2006 is equally put down to part of his obsession to gelatinize the military. He seemed to have succeeded with it.

“The taint on the military from Obasanjo’s directives for troops to disregard rules of engagement in Odi and Zak-Ibiam remains an obstacle to the military. Even when their recent and ongoing operations meet the global standards for the rules of engagement, the stain from the Obasanjo years remains a perspective from which the military is perceived. This affects the ability of the military to procure arms when they need it and the same tyrant under whose watch this happened is today playing the saint.

“In essence, Obasanjo sowed the seed for extremism that birthed terrorism. He backed this up by ensuring that the military was emasculated and unable to respond to the threat he has created. What has saved Nigeria from Obasanjo’s evil intent was the timely turnaround being witnessed under President Buhari, who has high regards for institutional memory in the military.

“The whole of Nigeria became his enemy and he has never lost on any perceived opportunity to exact vengeance on all citizens. May we refresh our memory that Obasanjo reportedly trained 1000 killer snipers abroad with the intention of using them to assassinate those who stand in the way of his ambition. These snipers formed part of the pioneer team of killers that have remained loose in the country till date.

“The outcome of that election produced Mallam Umaru Yar’Adua as president and it was a matter of months before Obasanjo started wishing him dead because he turned out not to be the stooge that Obasanjo expected. Yar’Adua’s demise paved way for Goodluck Jonathan, whom Obasanjo did much to mislead and abandoned after he incurred the anger of Nigerians pleasing the former President. If Obasanjo thought he would have a pliant President Buhari following his opposition of Jonathan he was in for a rude shock.

“If Obasanjo supported Yar’Adua and later disowned him over ill health, supported Jonathan and later disowned him for consulting others and supported Buhari and now disowning him for not bending to his wishes, then maybe it is not these president that something is wrong with. The problem is Obasanjo. He feigns support for successive presidents in the hope of being able to use them as puppets and continue as a life president while they act as the symbolic leaders. Such deviousness is not the Yoruba way because it is without honour.

“We do not want to go into the past of an Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), whom Obasanjo convinced Nigerians to be a very corrupt person. The same person God will not forgive him for forgiving. He has turned around to tell Nigerians that this is the same person to vote in the hope of acquiring a new puppet. A Yoruba elder will not be caught doing such, it amounts to being incitement, which is unbecoming of anyone that has become a grandfather.

“We apologize for the eight wasted years of Obasanjo as a civilian president and for the wrong path he set the country on, which we are now all trying to correct. We apologize for his callous thinking that had projected that Buhari would die in office. We apologize for the unbecoming tantrum he has been throwing for not having his way as a puppet master of successive presidents. We apologize to you all Nigerians because what Obasanjo is does not reflect who the Yoruba are.”

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IGP reorganises, decentralizes SARS



Acting IGP, Mohammed Adamu

Acting IGP, Mohammed Adamu

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, has ordered, with immediate effect, the decentralisation of the operations of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

He, has, however disclosed that plans have been concluded to reform its operations.

It would be recalled that the activities of SARS has been under intense criticisms by many Nigerians across board for their high handedness and alleged unprofessional conducts over the years.

The former IGP, Ibrahim Idris, however, refused to heed to the call of many Nigerians to re-organise the activities of the unit.
Speaking at a meeting with top police officers from the rank of Commissioners of Police (CPs) upward, the IGP revealed that the reform of the SARS will be both in terms of ethics, mode of operations, nomenclature and orientation, function delineation, command and control, weaponry and accountability mechanism.

Explaining further, the IGP said that, “this is with a view to giving clear, measurable and accountable intervention to the Presidential Directives on reform and reorientation of the unit as recently handed down to the Force leadership. A reorganisation proposal to this effect is being currently studied preparatory to its being implemented.”

On the decentralisation of the SARS, the IGP said: “The operations of SARS which is currently centralised at the Force Headquarters is hereby decentralised. “Consequently, with immediate effect, the Commissioners of Police in each of the 36 Police Commands and the FCT are to assume full Command and Control authority on all SARS in their commands, while the FHQ unit, henceforth, subsumed under the command of the DIG FCIID. The import of this is that the DIG FCIID and Command CPs shall, from this date, not only assume administrative and operational control of SARS in their respective commands, they shall also be directly held liable for any professional misconducts resulting from the operations of the units in their commands.

“Consequently, they are to immediately undertake a detailed evaluation of the unit in their commands and submit a report to my office within the next two weeks.”

The IGP also revealed that, “similarly, all quasi-investigations and operations outfits including the Special Investigation Panel (SIP) and Special Tactical Squad (STS) or any other such terms under whatever name are hereby disbanded.

“The DIG FCIID is to takeover and review all cases that such teams are currently handling as well as official assets on charge to them and submit a detailed report to my office within two weeks.

“Similar comprehensive reorganisation will be undertaken in the investigative, intelligence and special operations arms of the Force comprising of the Police Mobile Force, Counterterrorism unit and the Special Protection Unit.”

The repositioning process, IGP Adamu reiterated, will cascade down to the zonal and state command levels.

The essence, according to him, “is to restore order and apply a break to the current slide in policing standards, discourage the proliferation of multiplicity of outfits competing for operational space in the most unprofessional manner.

“We shall enhance the capacity of the Force towards situating our operations within the principles and practice of intelligence-led policing and human rights standards, and align our operations to modern dynamics.”

The IGP, therefore, charged the top police hierarchy to remain dedicated to their professional calling, exhibit the highest possible level of leadership and the strongest possible quality of character towards advancing the common mandate of ensuring internal security and guaranteeing a peaceful and credible electoral process.

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Abubakar Tsav writes Obasanjo, says ex-President goofed on Buhari’s performance in security



Alhaji Abubakar Tsav

Alhaji Abubakar Tsav

Elder statesman and former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has faulted ex-President Olusegun over his Sunday’s comment on the security situation in the country.

Obasanjo had during a press conference on Sunday claimed the security situation in Nigeria has deteriorated under the Muhammdu Buhari-led government.

Reacting in a letter entitled “Your Open Epistles Have Outlived All Usefulness” Tsav said Obasanjo goofed on his submission.

The elder statesman said he was shocked that Obasanjo who laid the foundation for all problems bedeviling Nigeria is now criticising Buhari.

The letter reads.

Let me use this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy, blissful and prosperous New Year, as we pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in the leadership of Nigeria.

I have taken pains as an elder to peruse and deeply reflect on the contents of your recent epistle/address to Nigerians. I strongly feel like most other elders of our great nation that as a Senior Citizen, there is need to reply you by shedding light on some of your attempts to twist facts and the carefully rehearsed tales, least you mislead the younger generation.

First, I must say, I am not impressed with the tone, discourteous and indecorous language of your letter. Even if you are genuinely aggrieved or seek for a better Nigeria as you feign in this open letter, an elder statesman of your status should be more matured in conveying his anger.

Casting unproved aspersions on public institutions is in itself a weapon of anarchy for the youths who are reading/listening to you. We have a moral and religious duty to mentor our children in a manner that would enable them grow up as responsible citizens and leaders.

What better Nigeria do you seek when you fabricate lies and de-market other leaders from a partisan perspective; delivered in a very uncouth language to youths who would tomorrow assume leadership of this great nation?

Sir, your letter has touched on a number of national issues, which are basically centered on the next general elections, especially the Presidential ballot of February 16, 2019. I take serious exception to the falsehood and mendacities peddled by its contents and the unfounded phobia of your presumed rigging of the next general elections.

However, while these issues have been unconvincingly interrogated by you and at some instances, you dispensed yourself more as seeking for personal vengeance than fighting an altruistic national cause; I like to comment on the issue of security and Boko Haram insurgency to be specific.

Let me quickly remind you that whatever perceived loopholes in the administration of Nigeria today had the foundation solidly laid by your government for eight years. It does not make sense for a leader to create a problem and then query another leader for failing to solve it to his taste.

The political infractions as experienced in our democracy today, which you complain loudly were hatched and nurtured by you. The PDP government you headed raised an army of killers, by arming youths and brigands, who gleefully embarked on assassinations or elimination of political rivals.

This culture survived all the years PDP held power and President Muhammadu Buhari’s redemption government is cleaning up the rot or the mess accumulated for 16 years in the midst of distractive obstructions.

It’s unfortunate that indignation has blinded you from noticing the difference. But Nigerians who saw yesterday and are survivors today have seen the positive and remarkable difference, which your malicious letter fruitlessly seeks to diminish.

When I look at what Boko Haram became in Nigeria, the torments; the atrocities or heinous crimes it committed on Nigerians for more than a decade, I feel Nigerians deserve a public apology from you.

It is strange that while you have not convinced yourself to tender a public apology to Nigerians, it smacks of public mockery and assault on our collective sensibilities for you to castigate President Buhari by baselessly plotting to vacate the gains the country has achieved in battling insurgency under his administration.

If you have forgotten, let me remind you that Boko Haram started in 2002 as a small sect of political thugs imported into Nigeria/Borno state from Niger and Chad republics for the reelection project of the then Governor of Borno state.

The band of political thugs who morphed into Boko Haram and led by Mohammed Yusuf felt aggrieved that they were used and dumped after the governorship reelection victory in 2003. And with arms in their possession they initially started as armed robbers and were emboldened by the successes of their exploits and then metamorphosed into Boko Haram.

Sir, the government you led had the opportunity to crush this emergent and fanatical religious sect, but you ignored it. Under your watch, you allowed Boko Haram gain strength and gathered enough momentum to spread its atrocious tentacles in killings, bombings, abductions and destruction of public and private properties in Nigeria. There was no apparent reason to abdicate this sacred security responsibility to the nation. Have you ever reflected on this?

Had you discharged your sacrosanct constitutional obligation of securing lives and property of Nigerians, Boko Haram would have been extinguished at its embryonic stage; it would not have blossomed and President Buhari would not have met it as a major security threat to Nigeria by 2015.

A leader with such records on this scandalous security problem has no moral standing or locus standi to openly disparage the rewarding efforts in curbing Boko Haram under the Buhari Presidency. If it is not malicious persecution, I remember that in your open epistle to President Buhari last year, you commended the President for his efforts in fighting corruption and Boko Haram in the country.

Why the sudden reversal? Could it be genuine confusion or malice or hatred wrapped as national activism or patriotism? To describe insecurity situation in Nigeria today by you, especially Boko Haram as deteriorating is absurd and most uncharitable.

I want to believe your memory has failed you on the precarious security situation and progression of Boko Haram in Nigeria, especially in the Northeast before the Buhari Presidency.

Permit me to refresh your memory. When President Buhari took over the reins of power in May 2015, Boko Haram insurgency had engulfed almost the entire Northern part of Nigeria. The Northeast was under the raging fires of insurgency, with Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states most affected. It reigned supreme and started inroads into Southern Nigeria. But Buhari has halted it.

Also, please recall that insurgents had forcefully annexed and occupied 20 local government areas in Borno state alone, in which they deposed Emirs and foisted the flags of their “Islamic Caliphate,” as insignia of their administrative control unchallenged. Terrorists also had partial control of seven other LGAs in Yobe and Adamawa states. President Buhari has reclaimed all the captured territories of Nigeria.

Insurgents frequent attacks and raids of security formations, villages or communities caused desertion of ancestral abodes by natives, leading to gruesome killings, abductions, destructions and displacement of people. IDPs camps in the Northeast were filled to the brim with displaced persons. With President Buhari’s decimation and defeat of Boko Haram, the situation today is not as grim as it was yesterday.

Most IDPs have gone back to their villages, the devastated Northeast is being rebuilt; over 16, 000 Nigerians held hostage by terrorists have been rescued by the Nigerian Army. And life has gradually returned to abandoned enclaves. No leader honest with himself would claim the security situation on Boko Haram in this region is deteriorating.

I agree with you that the Islamic State’s West African Province (ISWAP) has teamed up with Boko Haram. It is the reason for the resurgence of terrorism in the region in the last two months. But to rubbish every other efforts in this regard or refuse to see the change is unpatriotic and self-serving.

And to falsely claim the Nigerian government is empowering insurgents by payment of ransoms is equal to countering yourself, hence you had admitted this same address that ISWAP pairing with insurgents is responsible for the current upsurge, which is being handled.

I am baffled that as a retired Army General and former Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces you feel satisfied to say the Buhari government has reached the “end of its wit even in handling all security issues , but particularly Boko Haram issue.” But three successive Presidents of Nigeria including you combined could not post the results the Buhari Presidency has displayed on the winning streaks against insurgency.

We all seek to have a peaceful, secured and progressive nation. But to deliberately undermine or rundown an incumbent leader because of our personal grudges is unrealistic, selfish and callous.

I strongly feel President Buhari deserves encouragement to break new grounds on the resurged Boko Haram insurgents and not vilification. In same manner, the COAS, Lt. Gen. TY Buratai and the troops in the trenches deserve kind words of endearments’ from leaders like you for the great sacrifices they are making on our behest.

To understand that this poor outing is emanating from an elder statesman of your caliber is not good account of yourself and Nigeria, a country you once led. You cannot be wrong and right at the same time.

It is better to reassess your public outings, especially on the excitement of -writing open letters because I sense these epistles in which you end up countering yourself most times have outlived their usefulness’.

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