By Val Igwebuike.

Nigeria has never had it this way before. The plethora of political crisis, economic strangulation, social devastation and extreme tribal chauvinism leading to murderous hatred and deadly ethic clashes that have swallowed the lives of many innocent Nigerians in what is today regarded as a harvest of death is certainly unbearable. From many angles, and from the mouth of so many discernible citizens, the steady question has been – ‘how did we get to this level’.

Indeed, the recent incessant ugly occurrences in the country call for serious questioning. Another pertinent question is: how bad can it get again before Nigerians do something electorally radical to redeem the almost irredeemable Nigeria?
Of course, this present political tsunami did not come as a surprise to many in Nigeria. Those Nigerians, who were wise, and could see the future from the present are not surprised that things are falling apart and the center can no longer hold.

The reasons for the sociopolitical malady in the present Nigeria was as a result some serious political miscalculations owing to greed and self aggrandisement of an oligarchic political group in the country.
For personal interest and ambition, these people threw caution to the wind and jeopardised the life and happiness and expectations of 180 million, and the unknown numerical totality of future Nigerians yet unborn. This is how bad it is. The most painful was the fact that those, who traded this disastrous Change government to unsuspecting Nigerian victims had better presidential aspirants by whose sound political administration this ugly present mayhem would have been averted. They did not.

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Today, the regrettable and most callous government of APC as led by BUHARI has ravaged the entire Nigerian societies. No region of the country is isolated from the excruciating agony of BUHARI’S maladministration and political malaise. From East to West, and from North to South, every Nigerian is shedding tears for the insensitive disposition and despotic waves of these APC political tyrants. Every Nigerian who was deceived into making that fatal electoral investment of voting for BUHARI and APC is crying at present.

Surely, APC is the worst political disaster that has visited Nigeria since independence. From an unendurable dictatorial rules to wasting of innocent people’s life in the name of so many incomprehensible acronyms that can not justify the capital atrocity of taking life.
Not only that our economy is also in its worst situations since the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914, the present democratic government of BUHARI has brought vicious divisions never before witnessed in Nigeria. Nigerians have never had it this rough.

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In the midst of all these sad scenarios and realities, all hopes are not lost. Nigeria still has patriots, who can make good things begin to happen again in our country. There are still men and women of proven integrity by whose intellectual capacity, business intelligence and astute political administrative experience, and patriotism we can rely on. The 2019 general elections shall provide the needed opportunity for us to redeem our already collapsed Nigeria under the destructive hands of APC government.

Atiku Abubarka is the man, who has all it takes to bring Nigeria back to general prosperity and sociopolitical stability. He has demonstrated this strength in the past as the Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria. His vast political experience and seamless cordial relationship with all the ethic segments of the country is an unbeatable height for a presidential personality.
From the north to the South, and from the West to the East, Atiku is a household name. His electoral values in all the regions of the country is superlative.
Unlike BUHARI, who is nationally recognized as Africa’s most tribalistic human and a dangerous religious extremist, Atiku is possibly the most detribalised presidential aspirant coming from the northern part of Nigeria.
As Nigerians, we can not miss this rear opportunity to come back as one indivisible people under the rule of a lover of national unity and economic progress.

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In the light of the above, the supporters of Atiku’s presidential campaign have got a lot of work to do. Thorough public enlightenment, voters and political education is essential at this period. There is no much time left. Nigerians should be made to know Atiku and his ability to save our pitiable political situation.
Relying on the assumption that Atiku is a popular political figure in Nigeria could be regrettable as there are still millions of young Nigerians, who are yet to have a good knowledge of Atiku’s political achievements of the past.
Every hand must be on desk to ensure that Nigerians are not manipulated into making another electoral mistake in their choice of political leaders, especially at the presidential level.