By Sarauniya G Usman

A contemporary Artist, Chinze Ojobo, opened ‘Kulture Kode Art Hub’, for mentoring and capacity building for the girl-child and women, to address the issues of poverty reduction and economic empowerment.

Worried on the low participation of female in art, She said artists face a lot of challenges in Nigeria due to the low level of art appreciation and patronage due to economic downturn.

Chinze said, in order to inspire Nigerian female artists to have the opportunity to exhibit art work, mentored and be coached, kulture kode Hub will serve as a breeding ground for the girl-child artistes in the country.

Kulture Kode Art Hub will provide a platform for artists to hold art exhibitions. “The art hub is open to artists who want to showcase their talents through group or solo exhibitions,” she said.

Chize, called on Nigerian artists, especially the female artists not be discouraged as they’ll begin to see some silver lining on the horizon.

She said, Lagos axis has witnessed a very robust art market with numerous art exhibitions in art galleries in that city.

“The Hub shall run coaching clinics for artists especially the girl-child, thus creating opportunities for them to hone their skills and develop their potentials”.

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She said, Kulture Kode Hub would partner with government and other relevant international agencies and art galleries within and outside Nigeria for actualising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Art can be a major source of economic emancipation, economic development, job creation and poverty eradication”, She added.

While illustrating some of her art work, chinze said, “The art work illustrates ‘Alone with God’, it illustrates what every man passes through, maybe you have something hurting at that point you are in pieces and God healed and changed things in your life and that is why I made it in pieces and the hook is God putting it together”.

She said, “we are planning for South- Africa in October and Dubai. so we need the females to exhibit. While in June female artists will be exhibiting for two weeks”.

Director, Public Affairs, NCC,Tony Ojobo,says, there are situations where artist abandoned art for trading due to low appreciation and patronage.

“For Chinze,even though she had at some point ventured into other business her heart was always with art and so she believed that this was actually where her gift laid and there was no point having to pursue other interests at the expense of art. Over the years she has been thinking of having this kind of Art hub, you will notice the name is Art hub not really a gallery it’s a hub because it is supposed to be a melting pot for female artists especially, this place is for any artist who wants to exhibit.

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Ojobo said,”Using the ICT as a tool for marketing the world has become a global village and people can actually have websites and have their paintings with payment platforms and people from any part of the world can order for such work and all you have to do is ship to these places”.

He said,”The way our society is wired is such that a lot of girls who are talented are afraid that there are no opportunities in Art because of certain kinds of cultural systems that don’t provide opportunities for them to excel, but Chinze for instance can be an encouragement for young talented females”.

Ojobo said,”I have been to exhibitions and I have seen some works by female artists that are phenomenon, that I know that if they have opportunities to exhibit those works outside this country the sky will be their limit”.

Ojobo said, “We believe that through this and also by collaboration with international agencies, multinational and also the private sector there will be opportunity for sponsorship for female artists and also other artists in Nigeria to have exposure internationally at international art showcase”.

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The exhibition which featured her works was attended by various artistes and art enthusiast from various parts of the country.
Chinze Ojobo, is the president of Female Artists Association of Nigeria, a multi-talented Nigerian artist who studied Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Chinze has travelled extensively to cities around the world such as: Accra, Paris, London, Washington DC, California, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Istanbul, Guangzhou and Plovdiv. She has been able to absorb the art and culture of these diverse environments, giving her experiences that have greatly enhanced her limitless repertoire and creative energy. Chinze also studied Interior design in the USA. She also has two post graduate diplomas in Public Relations and Advertising and Business administration.