Adebayo Shittu
Adebayo Shittu

By Sarauniya G Usman

In a determined bid to give fillip to his government anti-corruption war, the Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu and others may be sacked and replaced any moment from now, a source has revealed .

In an exclusive interview, the source very close to the presidency disclosed that the ministers marked for the sack are the ones found out to ‘be corrupt and are huge embarrassment’ to the Buhari government by a specially constituted monitoring group by President Buhari early last year.

According to the source who is a top official of the Buhari kitchen cabinet, the main yardsticks for the ministers’ sack is confirmed instances of name dropping for corrupt acquisition of properties and convert deals in their ministries, department and agencies under their statutory supervision.

The source also disclosed that unknown to the ministers marked for sack that they were being monitored, most of their corrupt under-the-counter deals were submitted last month and in his characteristic thorough manner,”President Buhari has taken time to study the files and come up with the decision to do away with deadwoods and corrupt elements in his administration in order to show the entire world that he is determined and will not spear anyone found wanting among his lieutenants in his anti-corruption war”.

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“The case of Shittu is particularly very pathetic because the presidency has found out that he has not only been hiding under fake religious gab to deceive the whole nation and perpetrate damning corruption right from his CPC gubernatorial days in Oyo State when he misappropriated the party’s money for personal gains, he has been the most embarrassing name-dropper to Mr. President’ since 2015, the source revealed.

The source further disclosed, “The most brazen and aggravating of all Barrister Shittu’s alleged corrupt moves is his latest official directive to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication to issue a memo to key officials of his ministry and DGs of all the 5 Agencies under his watch that President Buhari has directed that all contracts should be henceforth set aside to take care of his political associates and select politicians who had worked for his emergence in the 2015 presidential election”.

Finally, it was gathered that when the news of Shittu’s corrupt means of accessing funds for his inordinate ambition to take over from Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State in 2019 got to the Chief of Staff to the President and the memo confirmed, he felt badly embarrassed and scandalised.

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Accordingly, boiling over because he was aware that President Buhari never asked anyone or any minister to set aside any contract for any purpose for him, the Chief of Staff was said to have taken the report to Mr. President, who was said to be visibly angry at Shittu’s unsolicited memo and also said to have, from day one in the office, strictly instructed trusted men in his administration to report instances of name-dropping to perpetrate any form of evil or corruption practice by any of his lieutenant to him swiftly and directly.

It was equally gather that thereafter, a decision was taken to do away with other proven corrupt elements in the Buhari administration and Shittu, who, according to information, will be replaced by a reputable professional from Oyo State to superintend over a very vital Ministry which is at the heart of genuine national development.

It will be recalled that a former aide of the embattled Minister of Communications, in a post that went viral a week ago, had chided Barrister Shittu of name-dropping and asked him to stop embarrassing and comparing himself to President Buhari who is internationally known and appreciated as an incorruptible leader.