According to newly released statistics from the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics ,Nigeria lost more than 7 million jobs in this year 2017. This is one of the most damning verdict against the atrocious and criminal incompetence of the APC government! when you add approximately another 7 million jobs lost last year 2016 , you would get a staggering, mind-boggling and insane 14 million jobs! 14 million jobs lost in a space of two years!! Over 95% of these 14 million people are youths. 95% of 14 million amount to 13,300,000 youths who have been sacked indirectly by this APC government’s directionless and utterly absurd policies.

When you go a step further to multiple this staggering number with a minimum of three dependents per every one job lost, we will be looking at an unprecedented 42 million Nigerians who have been impoverished by this APC government. This is a new world record number by a staggering difference. Not even in the worst of recession, has any country record this kind of job loss! Not even in war time has any country’s economy performed so badly!

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The APC government’s war against Nigerians and the Nigerian Youths has been swift, precise and devastating ! In a space of two years, the Nigerian economy lies desolate, the Nigerian youth lies broken and the majority of Nigerians are demoralized!

The typical Nigerian youth is strong, resilient and possesses a very good memory. The youth will not forget this undeserved punishment in the hands of this APC government!

I hereby, call on the Nigerian youths to rise up and join hands with us to take our country back from the invading bands of political gamblers that have destroyed out economy. Let us resist their lies ! Let us resist their wickedness! Let us resist their destructive incompetence! Say no to the worst regime in the history of mankind!

Together with God on our side, we must surely deliver Nigeria !

Rt Hon SKE Udeh Okoye
National Youth Leader of The PDP